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After many years of fixing all kinds of coffee makers and doing a lot of research on coffee, I have decided to create this blog. My only intention is to be able to help you with the doubts you have regarding your coffee maker and that you can solve any problem by yourself.

My wish for this project is to transform my knowledge into useful and concise information, transparent and easy to understand. Therefore, every article I write has an open comments section so that you can ask questions or clarify anything you wish. Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions.

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  • Defects in coffee roasting
    The process of roasting coffee requires a precise combination of knowledge and experience, which, if not approached with mastery, errors can appear. Even if the coffee beans acquire a brownish tone during roasting, this will not guarantee a correct roasting since undesired defects could be hidden. The defects that coffee acquires during roasting can significantly …

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  • Why is coffee roasted?
    Roasting is an essential coffee process that goes beyond the simple extraction of flavors and aromas; it involves the application of carefully controlled heat to trigger a series of chemical reactions that shape the character and quality of the coffee. It is important to understand the origin of the verb “to roast“, which comes from …

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  • Should you buy a combi coffee maker?
    Combi coffee makers are an interesting option for those wishing to enjoy filter coffee and espresso in a single machine. However, it is important to remember that these coffee makers tend to be larger than conventional coffee makers due to the combination of both types of preparation. Although some offer good quality combined functions, achieving …

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  • What is the purpose of the colorimeter in coffee?
    Within the exciting world of coffee, we find a tool that plays a fundamental role when certifying the degree of roast of the beans or ground coffee: the colorimeter. This device has become a valuable ally for the experts in the coffee industry. Its advanced technology allows for obtaining objective measurements that facilitate quality control …

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  • How does a coffee maker heat water?
    Electric coffee makers use boilers or thermoblocks to heat the water, while manual coffee makers such as the Moka, French press, or Aeropress require an external heat source. In the latter, the water is previously heated in a stove or kettle and then poured into the coffee maker for use. In the case of coffee …

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  • Qualities and defects of coffee: glossary of terms
    Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide; its complexity and diversity of flavors and aromas make it truly fascinating. However, to fully appreciate coffee’s qualities, it is necessary to understand a set of terms to describe its different characteristics. In this article, you will find a complete and easy-to-follow guide that describes the …

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