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After many years of fixing all kinds of coffee makers and doing a lot of research on coffee, I have decided to create this blog. My only intention is to be able to help you with the doubts you have regarding your coffee maker and that you can solve any problem by yourself.

My wish for this project is to transform my knowledge into useful and concise information, transparent and easy to understand. Therefore, every article I write has an open comments section so that you can ask questions or clarify anything you wish. Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions.

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  • Tassimo or Dolce Gusto? Wich is better?
    Tassimo and Dolce Gusto are two brands of coffee pod machines that compete directly for the same type of user. Both brands offer a wide variety of espresso pods and coffee&milk beverages. In addition, the prices of their coffee machines are among the most affordable on the market. Despite the similarities, there are also great …

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  • What is the best vegetable milk for coffee?
    I welcome you to this new article where I will do something very interesting, compare and analyze vegetable milk. As I told you in the article where I made a cappuccino with almond milk in the French press, I was introduced to vegetable milk many years ago in a country where all the coffee shops …

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  • How to make coffee sauce
    Welcome to another article on recipes with coffee. This time I bring you one that is a bomb, especially for all sweet lovers like me, I am a fan of caramel sauce, and I put it on everything, croissants, cakes, cookies, muffins, bread, toast, etcetera. It may not be known as caramel sauce in some …

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  • How to prepare Boba Latte coffee
    I welcome you to a new article on recipes with coffee. In this case, I will make a very special one, not very well known in some countries yet, but in others, yes. In Asia, it is a craze everywhere, and all the store’s lines and lines are waiting for this drink. In another article, …

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  • How to prepare Bulletproof coffee
    I give you a warm welcome to this new article, where we will see a recipe that maybe you have heard before, or maybe not; it is bulletproof coffee. When I first heard about this drink, it didn’t catch my attention and seemed strange. I will explain briefly if you have no idea what I …

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  • Lelit Anna PID Coffee Maker
    I welcome you to this new article, where I bring you a full review of this small but great home espresso machine, the Lelit Anna PID. I have a lot to tell you, so stay tuned because I will give you all the details here. General features of the Lelit Anna PID It has an …

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