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After many years of fixing all kinds of coffee makers and doing a lot of research on coffee, I have decided to create this blog. My only intention is to be able to help you with the doubts you have regarding your coffee maker and that you can solve any problem by yourself.

My wish for this project is to transform my knowledge into useful and concise information, transparent and easy to understand. Therefore, every article I write has an open comments section so that you can ask questions or clarify anything you wish. Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions.

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  • Dolce Gusto – Nespresso adapter
    It might seem silly that someone with a Dolce Gusto coffee maker would want to use Nespresso pods, or someone with a Nespresso coffee maker might consider using Dolce Gusto pods. Both coffee pod systems belong to the same corporate group (Nestlé) but make pods with totally different flavors. Nespresso specializes in espressos, while Dolce …

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  • Descaling and cleaning a Cuisinart coffee maker
    Like any other machine, Cuisinart coffee makers must be in optimal conditions to function properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning and periodic descaling will not only prevent many problems for the coffee maker but will also extend its useful life. To make things easier, I have prepared this article, where you will find step-by-step instructions on …

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  • My Cuisinart coffee maker does not prepare coffee
    The reasons why your Cuisinart coffee maker stops brewing coffee can be several, and in this article, I will try to show you some techniques to solve this problem. We will look at the most obvious and simple ones, such as a lack of water in the tank, to the more complicated ones, like replacing …

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  • Configuration of my Cuisinart coffee maker
    The Cuisinart brand offers its users a wide variety of coffee systems, one of which is the programmable drip coffee makers. If you have a Cuisinart programmable coffee maker, this article will be very useful if you are unsure how to program the machine. Configuration of the clock of my Cuisinart coffee maker In the …

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  • My Cuisinart coffee maker is leaking water
    When your Cuisinart coffee maker leaks water, especially at the base, what may be happening is that one of the internal hoses through which the water circulates is loose or has broken. It is very common that in most cases of leaks in Cuisinart coffee makers, due to the high temperatures, the hoses connected to …

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  • Mobile app for manual Dolce Gusto coffee machines
    Dolce Gusto coffee machines rank among the finest coffee pods makers on the market, whether in manual or automatic versions. The only distinction between these versions is that in the manual models, it’s the user’s responsibility to stop the coffee preparation, whereas in the automatic ones, the machine itself halts the process at the predetermined …

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