Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee makers troubleshooting

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Known as mega-automatic, Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee makers are high-end machines that offer the ability to grind coffee beans instantly every time we want to prepare a coffee. Also, with the push of a button, these machines allow us to prepare milk beverages automatically and in a personalized way.

It could be expected that being such complete and expensive coffee makers, exceeding 400 dollars, they would not present so many problems in their operation. But the reality is different; these machines have more failures and problems than the user would like.

Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee maker spills a lot of water

In this case, we are not dealing with a malfunction; it is simply a configuration of the machine itself, the self-washing of the internal circuits.

Therefore, it is normal that every time we prepare a coffee, the coffee maker expels about 200 ml of water through the nozzle; we recommend that you always have a container under the nozzle to collect this dirty water.

If you do not place a container under the spout, the water will fall into the tray, and you will have to empty the drip tray very often, which is more complicated.

Cecotec self-cleaning process
Cecotec self-cleaning process

Note: This autoloading setting cannot be deactivated, at least not from the configuration options of the coffee makers.

And even if it could be deactivated, it would not be advisable since the self-washing prevents the water lines of the coffee maker from clogging. For this reason, getting used to keeping the container under the outlet and frequently filling the water tank is better.

The grounds container is filled with water

It is very normal in Cecotec mega automatic coffee makers to find a mixture of coffee grounds and water when removing the coffee grounds container. However, this is not ideal since it complicates the extraction of the coffee grounds properly and stains the coffee maker’s inside.

It is not recommended that this mixture of water and coffee grounds be thrown directly down the drain; the best thing to do would be, with a strainer or paper filter, to strain the mixture, throw the water down the sink, and the grounds together with the organic waste. Of course, this process requires more time and implies an added cost for the paper filters.

It is ideal that, at least once a week, you clean and dries very well both the coffee grounds container and the inside of the coffee maker to avoid the appearance of mold and fungus due to humidity.

Coffee grounds and water dirty the inside of the coffee maker

The coffee preparation system is located in the same compartment of the coffee maker as the coffee grounds. This is a complete disaster as far as cleanliness is concerned.

This compartment is where the entire coffee preparation process takes place, where the beans are ground, compacted, and over which the water is injected. Finally, a coffee grounds tablet falls into the waste container.

How coffee preparation works in a Cecotec mega automatic coffee maker
How coffee preparation works in a Cecotec mega automatic coffee maker
  • Ideally, this process should not cause dirt inside the machine, but when the grinder grinds the coffee, not all enters the cylindrical piece, but a large part of the ground coffee falls outside.
  • The same occurs with the water, which, when compacted and injected, not all of it is directed towards the coffee, but rather a large part splashes on the outside.
  • Finally, not all coffee grounds fall correctly into the collection container.

This is how this process causes the coffee maker to become too dirty:

Dirt in Cecotec mega automatic coffee maker
Dirt in Cecotec mega automatic coffee maker

The Cecotec Matic- Ccino prepares very watery coffee or does not dispense water

Many users of these mega-automatic coffee makers have reported failures in which the coffee comes out very watery. In contrast, others that the coffee maker does not dispense any water at all.

When this problem appears, no matter how often you change the configuration settings, nothing seems to fix the problem.

After doing a lot of research, I have concluded that there is no physical problem with the coffee maker; it is a software issue. So the only solution is for the service center to carry on a deep reset.

My Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee maker does not turn on

This can be a much more serious problem than others. If your Cecotec mega automatic coffee maker does not turn on or stays with the black screen and does not allow you to prepare coffee or perform any other function. There is likely damage to the power supply or the machine’s control board.

Bad capacitors or blown thermal fuses are the main causes of most ignition problems in any coffee maker, regardless of the brand. These components are fundamental to regulating the electrical energy in the coffee maker.

Cecotec’s mega automatic coffee makers have not reported cases in which this failure occurs outside the warranty period, which is currently three years, so users have not needed to replace these capacitors.

Written by Pablo Barrantes
I'm Pablo Barrantes, an industrial engineer, and a proud dad to an 8-year-old princess. I'm also a coffee enthusiast who's truly passionate about all things coffee and coffee makers. My enthusiasm has driven me to uncover the hidden secrets of the coffee world, and I'm committed to sharing this knowledge with everyone through my educational blog. In this blog, you'll find valuable and practical information to enhance your coffee experience. What brings me the most joy is knowing that the tips and solutions you discover here will make your coffee moments even more delightful. When I can help you troubleshoot coffee machine issues, and you can savor your coffee without a hitch, it brings a smile to my face.

3 thoughts on “Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee makers troubleshooting”

  1. HI
    I have power matic ccino 7000 the leak water and water find in recipient water. I suspect the element who gives water to brew unit. I keep out the 2 srews and replace the 2 circles toric of the element but no lucky.
    . i think something is lost inside the element
    Have you please schematic of the element and what i must find inside of the element.
    Thanks for your help

  2. Could agree more with you, Pablo! There has been dirt & mold since day 1!
    The Cecotec 9000 is a disaster and their customer service is inexistent.

    Extremely bad experience. I bought the coffee machine Cecotec 9000 not even one year ago (September 2021). It had some minor issues from the beginning, e.g. a constant error message. However, I didn’t think much of it as the machine still worked.

    At some point, it stopped working out of the blue, even though I regularly cleaned and took meticulous care of it. It kept dripping, the water kept running, it was leaking. At the end I couldn’t brew coffee anymore.

    I contacted the customer care and was told to send in the machine to have it repaired. After waiting approx. 8 weeks for my machine to return, it came back worse than before:
    – major scratches,
    – metal pieces were bent out of shape,
    – wasn’t even properly assembled (the side door had a crack and was out of place),
    – screws were missing, and
    – overall extremely dirty (I made sure to clean it before handing it over for inspection).

    Lastly, the customer care has stated that they have done the “repairing” out of goodwill and claimed the machine is not within its guarantee. The machine is not even one year old.

    I contacted the support once more. I am still waiting for feedback. Would not recommend buying there at all.

    • Hello Lara,

      I´m sorry to hear about it. But at least your experience can be heard.

      Would you like to email me the whole story to pablocardiff@gmail.com? I can prepare an article with your experience; I can create a new category with users bad experiences buying coffee makers.



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