Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee makers troubleshooting

Matic-ccino machine troubleshooting

Known as mega-automatic, Cecotec Matic-Ccino coffee makers are high-end machines that offer the ability to grind coffee beans instantly every time we want to prepare a coffee. Also, with the push of a button, these machines allow us to prepare milk beverages automatically and in a personalized way. It could be expected that being such …

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Cecotec espresso machines troubleshooting

cecotec espresso machines troubleshooting

It has been eight years since the first models of Cecotec coffee makers went on sale, more than enough time for the appearance of problems and other doubts about their maintenance and care. And although they are high-quality coffee makers, even the youngest coffee makers are not exempt from problems in their operation. In this …

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