Is it worth sifting coffee?

Cover the sifter once you add the ground coffee

Today I will analyze a coffee sifter or coffee sieve, a very interesting instrument for coffee fanatics like me. My sifter is made by kruve and has a bamboo lid and three levels where the coffee will be distributed. The first two levels are where we will be able to interchange the metal meshes to …

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How to grind coffee for each extraction method

Types of milling according to the quality of the grinder

In this article, I will talk about grinding, a very important topic when preparing coffee but often underestimated. We all know that roasted coffee comes to us in beans, and we must grind it to be able to make an infusion and thus drink it. Where we do it and the size of the grind …

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What is the best coffee grinder to use at home?

Blade grinder

When we start in the world of coffee, and we begin to be interested in improving our homemade preparations, the first thing we should do is grind the coffee beans ourselves. In this way, we will obtain better results in the final beverage. By doing so, we gain access to many benefits; the coffee is …

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