Use of white vinegar for descaling coffee makers

Types of white vinegar

If you have reached this article, it is most likely that your coffee maker has an orange light on, which means that in most brands and models, you should descale your coffee maker. Or it could also be that the coffee no longer comes out with the right pressure and your coffee maker needs an …

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How to clean and descale a Krups super-automatic coffee machine

Krups super automatic in cleaning mode with screen and without screen

Although it may seem obvious, and you may think that no one can teach you anything about cleaning your coffee maker at this point, it is advisable that you pay attention to these tips. The first thing we must do is differentiate between: Note: The Krups super automatic coffee makers allow you to activate the …

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Cleaning and descaling of Jura coffee machines

P button to access the cleaning menu

Most of the problems that coffee makers suffer from nowadays are related to the lack of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative to perform regular cleaning (and descaling) whenever our Jura coffee maker requests it or when we notice that the coffee is not prepared as it should be. Fortunately, cleaning and descaling a …

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Descaling and cleaning a Cuisinart coffee maker

Descaling and cleaning a Cuisnart coffee maker

Like any other machine, Cuisinart coffee makers must be in optimal conditions to function properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning and periodic descaling will not only prevent many problems for the coffee maker but will also extend its useful life. To make things easier, we have prepared this article, where you will find step-by-step instructions for …

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