Flair Neo coffee maker

Flair Neo Coffee Maker

Welcome to the latest installment of my Flair series, in which we’ve delved into the world of portable handheld espresso makers. In my previous article, I reviewed my extraordinary new Flair Pro-2, an espresso aficionado’s dream, offering unparalleled features for both the home and on-the-go barista. Today I present the Flair Neo I purchased, an …

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Clever Coffee Dripper


Clever Coffee Dripper, commonly known as the “Clever”, is a smart invention that combines the simplicity of traditional drip brewing with the immersion of a French press. This unique fusion has captivated coffee enthusiasts worldwide and earned a special place in the specialty coffee scene. What is Clever, and how does it work? The Clever …

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Should you buy a combi coffee maker?

combi coffee maker

Combi coffee makers are an interesting option for those wishing to enjoy filter coffee and espresso in a single machine. However, it is important to remember that these coffee makers tend to be larger than conventional coffee makers due to the combination of both types of preparation. Although some offer good quality combined functions, achieving …

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What is a Neapolitan coffee maker, and how does it work?

What is a Neapolitan coffee maker and how does it work

After having detailed and explained the various techniques for preparing coffee with different coffee makers, such as the Moka pot, the Aeropress, the French Press, the Chemex and the V60, the Siphon, and the Clever, I am pleased to present another option: the Neapolitan coffee maker, also known as the Cuccumella. What is a Cucumella? …

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What is an espresso machine and how does it work

Espresso machine structure

Understanding the structure of the espresso machine will help you understand the great beverage it extracts. I will teach you everything you need to know about the espresso machine: its structure, how its system works, and how to use this knowledge to perform the extraction technique correctly. The structure of the espresso machine The espresso …

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Basic starter kit for coffee preparation

Delicious coffee obtained with the Aeropress coffee brewer

If you love to drink coffee but feel that your preparations at home never turn out well, you will be interested in reading this article. Here you will find a guide to achieve better preparations with the help of the right tools. Below, you will find a complete kit to prepare coffee. Besides, being a …

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Tassimo Finesse coffee machine

Tassimo Finesse Coffee Machine

This time I bring you the review of this new coffee maker that has come on the market; it is the Tassimo Finesse, a machine manufactured by Bosch with a very nice aesthetic (like all Tassimo). This brand makes some super elegant designs, small squares, ideal for the kitchen. In my case, I bought a …

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Lelit Anna PID Coffee Maker

Lelit Anna PID

I welcome you to this new article, where I bring you a full review of this small but great home espresso machine, the Lelit Anna PID. I have a lot to tell you, so stay tuned because I will give you all the details here. General features of the Lelit Anna PID It has an …

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Lelit Mara X Coffee Maker

Lelit Mara X

Welcome to this new article, long-awaited by many, where I will be looking at and analyzing the Lelit Mara X coffee maker, an amazing and innovative home espresso machine. For its price range, let’s look at why I think this is the best espresso machine on the market. General features of the Lelit Mara X …

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Multi-pod (multi-capsule) coffee makers

Nespresso and K-Cup capsule holder

What defines a coffee pod machine is not the machine itself but the coffee pod and the perforation system to extract the coffee from it. For this reason, patents on coffee pod machines are related to the extraction system and not the coffee maker itself. Most coffee pod machines use the same internal components. They …

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