How to brew coffee with a Chemex coffee maker

Freshly brewed coffee with the Chemex coffee brewer

If you have recently acquired a Chemex, you should know that on the one hand, you have a beautiful coffee maker that will look perfect in any part of your home, and on the other hand, it will prepare delicious filtered coffees that are hard to match. However, mastering the technique of preparing coffee with …

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Traditional vs. modern cappuccino

Traditional Cappuccino

Nowadays, if you ask for a cappuccino in different coffee shops, you can find many different drinks with the same name. We can find glass jugs with three layers, giant bowls with cream, cinnamon, and chocolate, or some with lots of foam sticking out of the cup. We can also find smaller cups with more …

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Americano vs Long Black. The differences

Americano vs Long Black

This article will interest you if you want information about the Americano and Long Black. We will see what these beverages are, how they are prepared, if they are the same or if there is any difference between them. In addition, we will compare them with filtered coffee to better understand their characteristics. Brief History …

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