The perfect espresso with the Delonghi Dedica coffee maker

Mastering the art of the “perfect espresso” is a challenge that goes far beyond pressing a button on the coffee maker. Dozens of factors come into play in the quest for the ideal espresso, from choosing a coffee machine capable of providing the right pressure and temperature (approximately 9 bars and 198ºF) to the need …

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How much coffee should be used per cup?

Dosage of coffee per cup

What is the correct coffee dose per cup? How many tablespoons of coffee per cup? The amount of coffee we use per cup depends on the method used, and we almost always use a scale to determine it. However, to simplify things, I will handle “tablespoons of coffee per cup” and “grams of coffee per …

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Pressurized vs. Non-pressurized portafilter baskets

If you’ve recently dived into espresso coffee, you’ve probably realized that crafting the perfect cup involves more than just pressing a button. While the grinder and coffee beans play a crucial role, we mustn’t overlook the importance of the portafilter baskets. But what type of basket should you use, pressurized or non-pressurized? To some extent, …

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What is the SCA and what does it do?


Delving into coffee involves discovering essential aspects of its fascinating complexity. A fundamental pillar is the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), an altruistic entity that extends its influence and wisdom, encompassing from coffee beans producers to baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide. The main objective of the SCA lies in imparting knowledge about the nature of specialty …

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What is Panela and Its use in coffee

PANELA and Coffee

Panela has made its mark as an authentic and nutritious sweetener, journeying from the fields of South America to the lands of India (where it’s known as Jaggery) and Pakistan (where it’s called Gurr). This product is derived from sugarcane juice and preserves its nutrients without undergoing refinement or chemical processes. In this article, we …

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Types and varieties of coffee beans

In the world of coffee, we discover a wide range of unique flavors and aromas that transport us with every cup. Two important factors are the coffee’s place of origin and the different species of plants that produce it: What types of coffee beans can we find? To understand the types of coffee we can …

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What is specialty coffee?

Unlike conventional commercial varieties, specialty coffee represents a higher standard in terms of quality, cultivated under specific conditions and subjected to more precise production processes. This time, we will explore the essential characteristics that define specialty coffee and observe how it has transcended to hold a significant place in the rich coffee culture of our …

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The importance of tamping coffee: Does it even matter?

When the coffee is tamped, the extraction is uniform

Tamping is a crucial step in the coffee-making process, involving precisely pressing coffee in the filter holder basket. Correct tamping aims to ensure a uniform flow of water through the coffee grounds, which is indispensable for achieving the best flavor in your coffee. Why correct tamping is vital for espresso extraction When extracting espresso coffee …

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How to know if a coffee is of good quality without tasting it

Coffee beans and ground coffee

To conduct a professional evaluation of coffee, specialized techniques must be applied through coffee cupping. As you dedicate time and practice to this art, you can unveil the secrets and subtleties hidden in each bean. However, in this article, I will present three steps that, while not replacing the depth of specialized cupping, will provide …

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All the defects of green coffee

Green grains - secondary

Green coffee, also known as raw coffee, can present various qualities, from the highest quality to undesirable defects. These defects, which affect flavor and other sensory characteristics, are crucial factors in the evaluation of coffee. We often use “quality” subjectively, based on our preferences rather than objective criteria. However, learning to differentiate between personal enjoyment …

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