Mobile app for manual Dolce Gusto coffee machines

Dolce gusto

Dolce Gusto coffee machines rank among the finest coffee pods makers on the market, whether in manual or automatic versions. The only distinction between these versions is that in the manual models, it’s the user’s responsibility to stop the coffee preparation, whereas in the automatic ones, the machine itself halts the process at the predetermined …

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All the 129 hot and cold Starbucks beverages

Hot drinks - espresso

If you’ve ever wondered about the famous international coffee chain’s beverage options, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you about each drink Starbucks offers today (129 different drinks!). I’ll break down each variety, flavor, and drink size so you can choose the option that suits your tastes and preferences. Note: …

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What age can you start drinking coffee from?

Children Shouldn't Drink Coffee

In today’s society, the consumption of coffee is common and widely accepted. However, when it comes to children, the question arises of when it’s appropriate for them to start consuming this stimulating beverage. One of the most notable characteristics of coffee is its caffeine content, a natural chemical compound that acts as a stimulant of …

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What is the third-wave coffee?

First, second, and third wave of coffee

Coffee, a beverage that has accompanied humanity for centuries, has undergone significant transformations throughout its history in what is commonly known as “coffee waves.” The third-wave coffee is here to change how we perceive, consume, and value this beverage. But what happened with the first two waves, and how does this third one emerge? In …

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How to choose the right cup for each coffee

How to choose the perfect cup for my coffee

Discover how to choose the right cup to enjoy your coffee fully. In this article, I’ll provide practical tips on materials, sizes, and designs matching your preferences and needs. Elevate your coffee experience with the right choice of cup. Let’s get started! How does a glass differ from a cup? Glass is a handleless container …

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Bar, coffee shop or café: how do they differ?

Small coffee shop with pastries

Coffee shops and bars are places where people gather to socialize and relax. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they have important differences. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of each and address whether or not they can be considered synonymous. We will also discuss the term “café” in relation to …

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How to enjoy coffee without sugar

How to enjoy coffee without sugar

For many, coffee has become an essential beverage in their daily routine. However, the naturally bitter taste of coffee can be difficult to enjoy at the first attempt to eliminate sugar or other sweeteners. Fortunately, there are several techniques and tricks that can help us learn to enjoy coffee without the need to add sugar. …

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3 Legends about coffee you need to know

legends about coffee

Coffee is a beverage that has conquered the entire world, but ¿how did this delicious infusion come about? Despite the studies and the technical information gathered, its origin remains a mystery shrouded in legends and myths. In this article, I present the most famous and curious stories about the discovery of coffee so that you …

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How to recognize a good barista? 4 key points

How to recognize a good barista

Although many people can prepare a cup of coffee, a barista can transform a common beverage into a unique sensory experience. Apart from knowing how to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, a good barista can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the coffee shop. Coffee shops are present in every corner of our …

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17 annoying things customers should stop doing to the barista

annoying things customers should stop doing to the barista

¿Have you ever wondered how many times, without realizing it, we have annoyed the barista who serves us at the coffee shop? Sometimes, without bad intentions, we behave inappropriately and hide behind the phrase “the customer is always right”. In this article, I’ve compiled a brief list of actions that should be avoided to prevent …

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