Espresso channeling – What is it, and how to avoid it?

How to identify channeling at the time of extraction

This article will explain the main mistake or problem when preparing espresso. To achieve a perfect espresso, you must follow many steps and understand the theory very well; that’s why espresso extraction is the most complicated of all extraction techniques. If you cannot extract a good espresso, even if you have the ideal equipment and …

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What is the best water to prepare coffee?

Ingredients for the preparation of water

It has been a long time since I should have talked about the water we use to prepare coffee since this topic is very important. However, it is an issue we tend to overlook, so if you want to improve the coffees you prepare, this article will greatly help you. Water is one of the …

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Coffee blends vs single origins – Which is best?

Single Origin Coffee

In today’s article, I would like to talk about a very controversial topic in the coffee world. I am referring to the differences between coffee blend and single origin coffee. I will explain clearly and simply what each coffee consists of and which one is the best according to your tastes, as well as other …

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What is espresso crema? Is it really important?

Espresso crema

The crema has long been an indicator of espresso quality. A correct crema determined whether the barista was competent and whether factors such as grind setting, pressure, or temperature were correct. The crema itself was what people used to understand or assume that espresso was of quality. However, there are not many specific books or …

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What is a coffee refractometer and how is it used?

I add a few drops of coffee to the refractometer with the coffee TDS menu

Today I will talk about a very interesting instrument, especially for those interested in the more scientific side of coffee. If you want to know a little more about bean extraction and how this affects the taste of the coffee, the refractometer will help you in that sense. The refractometer is a small electronic device …

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Questions and answers about coffee

Questions and answers about coffee

In this article, I will answer some of the most common questions that readers of this blog often ask me. I will also confirm or deny some of the most famous myths about coffee. Frequently asked questions about coffee and some myths To make it easier to understand, I have oriented all the questions so …

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How to keep coffee fresh longer

Chemical process of coffee at the time of roasting

In this article, I would like to talk a little about some of the most frequent questions regarding the conservation of coffee: How should I store coffee? How long does its freshness last? How do I maintain its freshness for longer? Can it be kept in the refrigerator? Can it be frozen? Etcetera. If you …

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What is a Flat White coffee and how is it prepared?

Importance of the silky foam in Flat White

A Flat White is an espresso-based coffee beverage with finely steamed milk. A double espresso is prepared in a 6 ounces cup, and a bright, delicate, and very fine foam is poured over it. Flat White can be topped with a latte art drawing. History of the Flat White It all started in Australia in …

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How to reduce the bitterness of coffee. 5 ways to fix it

How to reduce the bitterness of coffee

It is impossible to completely eliminate the bitterness of coffee since it is a characteristic of coffee. However, the bitter taste should not overshadow the rest of the flavors in the cup. Therefore, when brewing coffee, we should always try to find the perfect balance where the bitterness does not dominate the rest of the …

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Ratio and extraction of espresso coffee

How to prepare an espresso

In today’s article, I want to talk about the basics of espresso coffee, the differences between ristretto and lungo, and their role in coffee shops. Espresso is the most common coffee beverage served in coffee shops worldwide. I will begin by talking a little about the problems we encounter when ordering an espresso in coffee …

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