What are the symbols of Dolce Gusto pods?

Symbols of a Dolce Gusto capsule

Coffee pod makers enjoy great popularity today thanks to their efficiency, the high quality of the coffee they prepare, and the simplicity with which they work. In many cases, as with Dolce Gusto coffee makers, we have piping hot coffee in seconds with the push of a single button. And although Dolce Gusto coffee makers …

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How much energy does a Dolce Gusto coffee machine consume?

Electrical consumption Dolce Gusto

With the price of energy skyrocketing worldwide, it is normal to worry about how much electricity each appliance in our home consumes. However, Dolce Gusto coffee makers have been designed to have a minimum expenditure, which we will hardly notice in the electricity bill. No appliance manufacturer indicates their products’ energy consumption, but they provide …

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