Delonghi Dedica coffee brewing issues

Sometimes, our Delonghi Dedica coffee machine does not deliver the desired amount of coffee, and we are forced to press the brew button repeatedly until we get a full cup.

This problem can have several causes and solutions, which we will explain in this short guide. If there’s anything you don’t understand or need assistance with, leave us a comment below.

Poor preparation of ground coffee

The problem is that the coffee machine barely brews coffee drop by drop, and the final amount is too little.

The cause: When the machine brews coffee drop by drop, it is because the preparation of the ground coffee is incorrect, and four real situations can occur:

  • You are using the wrong coffee. Normally roasted coffee and coffee with shiny beans cannot be used in espresso machines.
  • The coffee grind is too fine, and the water cannot flow through it when it is compacted.
  • You have put too much coffee in the basket, and as in the previous case, the water cannot pass through the ground coffee.
  • You have tampered too much, and the water cannot circulate properly.

The solution: Choose coffee beans of natural roasts that do not add sugar. Try grinding the coffee a little less, adding less quantity, and pressing it less. If the problem is coffee-related, this will solve it.

Delonghi Dedica preparing coffee drop by drop
Delonghi Dedica preparing coffee drop by drop

Coffee maker memory misconfiguration

The problem: The coffee machine sprays an adequate amount of coffee but stops too soon, leaving an incomplete cup of coffee.

The cause: Strangely, the coffee machine has deconfigured itself to lose the factory settings. Probably, someone has pressed a button for too long and left a lower coffee volume in the machine’s memory.

The solution: To fix incorrect programming, follow the steps below:

  • Switch on the machine
  • Add the coffee to the basket
  • Place the filter holder in the machine
  • Press and hold the button you want to set until you reach the desired amount of coffee in the cup. At the same time, the coffee is pouring, the other button flashes to indicate that we are programming, and once we release the button, it will flash several times to indicate that the new value has been recorded.

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