Delonghi Dedica coffee machine button lights

Coffee machines that do not have a display communicate their status to the user through light codes on the buttons. On the Delonghi Dedica, the lights on its three buttons (espresso, double espresso, and steam) can remain off, on, or flashing, and each combination will mean something different.

Why are the lights on my Delonghi Dedica flashing?

In this short article, I want to show you how to understand your coffee machine’s state by looking at the lights on its buttons. We will look at all the possibilities you can find when using a Dedica.

At the end of the article, we will look at two of the most common questions about the Delonghi Dedica coffee machine lights.

The three lights flash alternately

Every time we switch on our Delonghi Dedica coffee machine, it performs a self-diagnosis that communicates this sequence of the three lights flashing alternately (one after the other).

Note: The flashing sequence only occurs once, after which the machine goes to the next state, heating the thermoblock.

All three lights flash simultaneously for a few seconds

When all three lights flash simultaneously (for a few seconds), only to go out again, it will not let us prepare any beverage. This happens when:

  • There is no water in the water tank
  • The water tank is incorrectly positioned
  • The coffee group is clogged
  • The coffee basket is obstructed or the coffee used is incorrect

The three lights flash twice alternately

If the three buttons on your Delonghi Dedica flash twice alternately, the machine has entered the setting mode. After about 15 seconds, the machine should return to the “ready to brew” mode, which we will discuss next.

This article explains how to set up your Delonghi Dedica.

The espresso and double espresso lights come on steady

Whenever the Dedica is ready to brew coffee, it will keep the espresso and double espresso button lights on. The steam light remains off.

The single and double espresso lights flash simultaneously

After the machine has been switched on and has performed a self-diagnosis, it will start to heat the thermoblock. The water heating status is shown by flashing the espresso and double espresso buttons simultaneously and at a slow rate. The steam light remains off.

They will also flash simultaneously if the thermoblock of our Dedica is too hot. As this machine has only one boiler for both coffee and steam, if you use steam, you will not be able to brew coffee immediately afterward and see the lights flash.

Espresso and double espresso lights flash simultaneously fast

Normally we find a fast and simultaneous flashing of the lights of the espresso and double espresso buttons (3 times, stop and repeat sequence) when we have left the steam outlet open. The Dedica cannot return to the initial state until the steam valve is closed.

Steamer light flashing orange

When the steamer light on the machine starts flashing orange, the machine requests you to descale it. This does not mean it has entered descaling mode; therefore, we can continue using our Dedica without any problems.

The espresso and double espresso lights will follow the normal heating sequence until they are fixed so we can prepare our coffees.

Follow the instructions in the user manual (Dedica EC680Dedica EC685) to put the Dedica into descaling mode.

Main problems with the lights on the Delonghi Dedica

Now that we know all the possible situations we can find with the Delonghi Dedica’s lights, we will look at some cases that cannot be explained by the above.

The orange descaling light does not turn off after the process has finished.

In principle, once we have finished the descaling process, the orange light should turn off itself. After this, the Dedica should delete the descaling warning from its memory.

Delonghi Dedica EC685 descaling process
Delonghi Dedica EC685 descaling process

The problem: Despite following the instructions in the machine’s manual when performing the descaling process, the light keeps flashing. No matter what we do, this light stays on.

The cause: The cause of this problem is not clear. It is suggested to repeat the process by looking at forums and asking Delonghi directly because the machine did not register the descaling the first time, but this does not eliminate the light.

The solution: Based on our experience, it is true that the machine did not register full descaling, but due to a specific moment in the process:

  • Fill the tank with just a centimeter of water.
  • Press and hold the steam button until the tank is empty.
  • After this, the light should go out.

The three lights flash simultaneously non-stop.

Recall that we said that all three lights could flash simultaneously for a few seconds due to an error when trying to prepare a drink. The cases where this happened were:

  • There is no water in the water tank.
  • The water tank is incorrectly positioned.
  • The coffee group is clogged.
  • The coffee basket is clogged or the coffee used is incorrect.

The problem: The three lights don’t just flash for a few seconds; they don’t stop flashing at any time. It doesn’t matter if you switch the machine off or unplug; the fault continues when you switch it on again.

The cause: This is a protective measure for the coffee machine. If the Dedica detects that brewing coffee may cause harm to the user or itself, it will inhibit any action, and the fault will be displayed with the three lights flashing continuously.

Components such as the thermoblock, thermostat, or control board may be damaged. Without these in good condition, the machine will not work.

The solution: To solve this problem, the first thing to do is determine the fault. This investigation requires some knowledge of electricity:

  • Disassemble the coffee machine to expose all its components.
  • Perform a visual inspection for any physically damaged parts.
  • Check the thermoblock thermostat for continuity.
  • Check the integrity of the thermoblock.
  • Check continuity throughout the electrical circuit.
  • If everything is OK, you should replace the control board.

NOTE: If you are not comfortable with this process, contact a service center.