Delonghi Dedica steam wand not working

Over time the Delonghi Dedica can suffer some wear and tear on its internal components, which is not to say that this great coffee maker is bad.

In this concise but important article, I want to explain why your Dedicano produces steam and how it seems to lose pressure little by little.

How to fix the lack of steam in the Delonghi Dedica

The problem is that it takes too long to create foam in milk. When you use the wand in a clean glass, you notice how the steam pressure has dropped and is very irregular.

On the other hand, the rest of the coffee maker works without problems; the lights come on correctly, and the coffee is brewed as usual. The coffee maker cannot send enough steam to the steam wand for different reasons.

Delonghi EcoDecalk Descaler for Coffee Machines
Delonghi EcoDecalk Descaler for Coffee Machines

The cause: If the problem is focused only on the steam, we can rule out the thermoblock and the water pump as the cause. Since these two components are used during the preparation of coffee, and if either were defective, we would notice the malfunction when making coffee.

So the cause of the problems in the steam is in the control, the internal switch or the pipes and the lance.

The solution:

  • First, thoroughly clean the steam lance (we show you how to do it below).
  • Once you have cleaned the lance thoroughly, if the problem persists, you should check that the rotary knob is working properly; sometimes, a more determined turn produces steam correctly, so the problem could be in the knob.
  • If neither of these processes has worked, replacing the entire lance and switching the assembly with a new one is advisable. But don’t worry because it’s not too expensive (purchase links below).
Delonghi Dedica steam wand replacement
Delonghi Dedica steam wand replacement

Delonghi Dedica steam wand spare parts

After cleaning the steam lance and inspecting the rotary knob, if the problem persists, it is best to replace the entire lance and switch the assembly with a new one. Here are some purchase links:

Delonghi Dedica steam wand spare part in the UK:

These links are just an example of the component you should purchase. Depending on where you live, you will buy them at one store or another. Type “Delonghi Dedica complete frother wand” in your search engine, and many results appear.

Delonghi Magnifica EVO
Delonghi Magnifica EVO

How to clean the Delonghi Dedica steam lance

For hygienic and health reasons, every time you heat milk with the steam lance, you should clean it so that no residue remains. In addition, this measure will prevent possible clogging and pressure problems in the future.


  1. First, operate the steam knob to remove any fresh milk residue.
  2. Turn off the coffee maker with the side power button.
  3. Wait until the lance has cooled down.
  4. Hold the lance by the tab with one hand, turn the steam tube clockwise, and then pull down to remove the steam.
  5. Remove the rubber connection from the lance by pulling it downwards.
  6. Clean the metal tube and the rubber connection in warm soapy water.
  7. Use a paper clip to unclog the inside of the steam lance.
  8. Replace all parts

Video on how to clean the steam lance: