Delonghi Dedica water leaking

It is rare for a Delonghi Dedica to leak water. However, this can happen. Fortunately, these cases of water leaks in the Dedica are due to two possible faults: on the one hand, damaged O-rings and, on the other hand, broken plastic parts.

In this short article, based on our experience fixing coffee machines, we will show you these types of failures and how you can fix them yourself. If your Delonghi Dedica leaks, you will know how to fix it.

Delonghi Dedica water loss due to damage to the O-rings

The Delonghi Dedica coffee maker and many other coffee makers use O-rings in the joints between the water pipes and the different valves and connections. These O-rings, made of rubber, are durable but may fail after thousands of coffees are served.

The problem: The Delonghi Dedica coffee maker has a very effective connection between water pipes and valves. The plastic tubes fit inside the valves that cover them but to produce an effective seal; there is an O-ring inside. When this seal fails, leakage occurs.

The cause: Inside the valves, where the pipes enter, there are rubber O-rings that allow a watertight seal. Water leaks out when these gaskets deteriorate due to high temperatures and vibrations.

In the following photo, you can see a coffee maker that was leaking water through a connection where the O-ring had failed:

Leaks due to damaged O-rings
Leaks due to damaged O-rings

The solution:

  • Disassemble your Dedica to locate the leak visually.
  • With the coffee machine disassembled, press the espresso button to see where water is leaking (be careful because live parts are exposed).
  • If the leak is located in a connection of pipes and valves, the problem will be in the O-ring.
  • Purchase a replacement (links below)
  • Replace the O-ring.
  • Press the espresso button to see if it no longer drips.
  • Reassemble the coffee maker.

Delonghi Dedica O-ring spare parts

If we have confirmed that the problem is in the O-rings, you should purchase replacement O-rings. Measure the O-ring dimensions and confirm these measurements with the seller before purchasing the replacement O-ring.

Delonghi Dedica O-ring spare part in the US:

Delonghi Dedica O-ring spare part in the UK:

The above are just a few examples of where to buy these O-rings. Search google with the terms “Delonghi O-ring seal” and find many more stores.

Loss of water from Delonghi Dedica due to damage to plastic parts

The problem: Most of the coffee makers we use in our homes have many components made of plastic to save costs. Although this material is very durable, there are times when some parts can crack or break, and water can leak out.

Parts such as the water pump outlet, flow meter, overpressure valve, and the like can break over time.

The cause: Due to the breakage of plastic parts, water leaks will occur inside the coffee maker, which will normally be visible at the base. On some occasions, if water loss is prolonged, some electronic components may be damaged, and the coffee maker may not turn on.

The solution:

  • As soon as you detect water leaks, unplug the coffee maker.
  • Disassemble your Delonghi Dedica to perform a visual inspection and locate the leak.
  • If you are not sure, you can plug it in and press the espresso button to get a better look at where the water is leaking.
  • Once you have located the problem, you can try to repair the part using a special plastic repair putty (like this one) or replace the whole part.
  • Once the dripping has stopped, reassemble the coffee maker.

In this Dedica that we have repaired, we can see that it was leaking from the plastic part of the pump outlet:

Leaking through the water pump outlet

SPARE PARTS: Google “Delonghi Dedica water pump.”

In this other Dedica that we disassembled, we saw that the drip was produced in the three-way valve:

SPARE PARTS: Google “Delonghi Dedica 3-way valve connector”.

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