Delonghi Dedica water pressure problems

Loss of water pressure in the Delonghi Dedica is one of the most frustrating problems this espresso machine model suffers from. Fortunately, we have already fixed some Dedica machines, and now we will explain it to you.

Note: Please do not confuse problems with coffee grinding that result in pressure problems. In this guide, we refer to the internal problems of the coffee maker.

Delonghi Dedica with LOW water pressure

The problem: When this occurs, there are two simultaneous situations; on the one hand, the coffee seems to come out without pressure, and on the other hand, we see more air bubbles entering through the base of the water tank.

The cause: It is a failure in the “overpressure valve” of the coffee maker. This valve has small springs and plastic parts that deteriorate easily after many uses of the coffee maker.

The key to determining the fault in this valve is to observe the amount of water that returns to the tank. This should occur when the pressure exceeds 15 bar; however, there is no pressure in the group as before this.

The solution:

  1. The first thing to do is to disassemble the coffee maker.
  2. Then locate the overpressure valve (see photo below).
  3. Check that there are no damaged parts inside the valve.
  4. Purchase a new overpressure valve (links below).
  5. Install the new valve
  6. Reassemble the brewer
Plastic part damaged inside the overpressure valve

Delonghi Dedica overpressure valve spare parts

If the problem of lack of pressure of your Delonghi Dedica is related to the overpressure valve, it is recommended that you buy a new part and replace the old one. Here are some places where you can buy it:

Delonghi Dedica overpressure valve spare part in the US:

Delonghi Dedica overpressure valve spare part in the UK:

These are just some examples of where you can find this part. Search on Google using the terms “Delonghi Dedica overpressure valve” and find more online stores.

Delonghi Dedica with NO water pressure at all

In this case, we are referring to when the Delonghi Dedica coffee maker does not pour any water, which happens suddenly. This situation occurs simultaneously as the water pump stops running; the coffee maker turns on, but there is only a buzzing sound.

The problem: When we hear a buzzing sound from inside the coffee maker, it signals that the pump is receiving electricity. This is caused by the process of electromagnetism in the pump.

However, not hearing the pump’s vibration means that the pump is not moving its internal piston, so it is not pumping water.

Sound of the vibrating pump of a Nespresso coffee machine
Sound of the vibrating pump of a coffee machine

The cause: Impurities in the water and its sediments often clog the pump’s internal components and may have clogged them. To avoid these problems, always perform periodic descaling.

The solution (1): Perform this operation with the machine turned off and unplugged first. If the strokes with the Delonghi Dedica stopped have not worked, you can try it with it turned on. But be very careful if you handle the coffee maker under voltage.

  1. Proceed to disassemble the coffee maker.
  2. Next, locate the water pump and check that it is defective.
  3. A quick remedy is running the machine and hitting the pump with the insulating object to unblock its internal components.

The solution (2): If you like puzzles or assembling legos, this option may be ideal. If you don’t get a good result, go-to solution 3.

  • Disassemble the coffee maker
  • Locate the pump
  • Remove the pump from the Dedica
  • Carefully disassemble all the components of the pump (picture below)
  • Clean each of the components
  • Reassemble all the pump components.
  • Re-install the pump on the Delonghi Dedica
Disassembling a Nespresso water pump
Disassembling a Coffee maker water pump

The solution (3): There are occasions like the one you see in the image below where the lack of pressure appears together with a water leak in the Dedica.

  1. Proceed to disassemble the coffee maker.
  2. Locate the water pump and check that it is defective.
  3. Buy a new pump (links below) and replace the old one (try solution one first).
  4. Reassemble the coffee maker
Location of the Delonghi Dedica water pump
Location of the Delonghi Dedica water pump

Delonghi Dedica water pump spare parts

If, after disassembling the coffee maker, we understand that the water pump is damaged, we must buy a new water pump to replace the damaged one:

Delonghi Dedica water pump spare part in the US:

Delonghi Dedica water pump spare part in the UK:

Here are some links so you can buy a water pump for your Delonghi Dedica. If you are outside the US or UK, type in Google “Delonghi Dedica water pump” and find many online options.

Final Words

In most cases, the Delonghi Dedica loses pressure because of the water pump or the overpressure valve. However, each case is different, and your Dedica coffee maker may lose pressure for another reason.

If you have questions or your Dedica loses pressure for another reason, leave me a comment below, and other community members and I will help you solve it.

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