Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino does not grind enough coffee

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Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the Delonghi Eletta, as well as a good knowledge of its correct operation, will allow us to avoid the occurrence of faults in the coffee maker. Thanks to this maintenance, we will achieve a perfect final preparation of the coffee, obtaining the necessary quantities and excellent quality.

The problem: My Delonghi Eletta coffee maker does not grind the amount of coffee needed to obtain a good coffee drink; the brewing quality is getting worse and worse.

The first cause is the accumulation of coffee residues inside the coffee machine, which will cause obstructions and clogging. Every time the machine performs its grinding function, it is likely that coffee residues will remain inside the machine. For this reason, we stress the importance of periodically cleaning your Delonghi Eletta.

One of the parts most exposed to damage due to the accumulation of coffee residues is the infuser, which, if it becomes clogged or stops working, will not allow us to obtain good ground coffee for our preparations.

The first solution: With the Eletta unplugged, remove the water reservoir, locate the infuser door and open it. Once you have the infuser in sight, press the two red release buttons and, without releasing them, pull it out.

To clean the infuser, immerse it in a water bowl for about 5 minutes. Then, rinse it under running fresh water, and finally, use a brush to remove any coffee residue left on the infuser and its holder.

Make sure to put the brewer back in place and tighten it securely, press firmly on the “Push” button until it clicks, indicating that the brewer is now in place, and check that the two red buttons are locked. Close the brewer door and replace the water reservoir.

Remove the infuser from the Delonghi Eletta and clean it thoroughly
Remove the infuser from the Delonghi Eletta and clean it thoroughly

The second cause: It can happen, although it is rare, that the degree of grinding of the grinder is out of adjustment and needs to be corrected.

Suppose you notice that your coffee comes out too fine after several uses, with almost no crema and that its preparation takes too long. In that case, you will have to readjust the grinder to the position in which it is usually preset, allowing the correct delivery of coffee.

The second solution: First, remember that the grinding can only be adjusted while the grinder is running; that said, start the coffee maker to prepare a coffee. If the coffee is coming out too slowly or not, turn the knob clockwise (towards “7”).

If you wish to obtain a coffee with more body and more cream, turn the knob only one position counterclockwise (towards “1”). Never turn the knob more than one position at a time, as this could cause the coffee to drip.

Finally, prepare two more coffees to corroborate that the correction you have made to the degree of grinding is correct. If you are unsatisfied with this setting, turn the knob one more time until the desired degree is obtained.

Delonghi Eletta grinder settings
Delonghi Eletta grinder settings


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