Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker grinder and infuser problems

Using the right coffee beans in our Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker could avoid many problems with the grinder and the infuser. Many users complain that the grinder or the infuser of their coffee maker has stopped working.

Many situations could have been avoided if they had not used beans that were not subjected to a natural roasting.

Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker grinder issues

The first problem: The Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker is grinding less and less coffee to the point where the grinder stops grinding.

The first cause: When the grinder’s burr wheels become clogged, it will be increasingly difficult to grind the coffee. Hopefully, you will be able to solve this problem, but in some cases, the only solution will be to replace the grinder completely.

There is a type of coffee (dark roasted) where the roasted coffee is mixed with sugar; the sugar crystallizes in the bean during roasting. Each time this type of coffee passes through the grinding wheels of the grinder, the sugar leaves residues that, little by little, accumulate until they impede the grinding process.

The first solution: Start by disassembling the coffee maker until you locate the motor that grinds the coffee and remove it from the machine to clean it. Make sure that no coffee residue remains inside the motor and check all its parts very well, including the grinding wheels that are clogged and obstructed; there should be no coffee residue left in the grinder.

Once you are sure there is no more coffee residue in the motor, try to rotate the grinding wheels to check if they can still work. If they rotate, there will be no problem, but if it is impossible to rotate them, you will have to replace the entire grinder with a new one.

Finally, put the grinder back in its place, either the one you repaired or the new one, and reassemble the coffee maker.

Grinder blocked by black coffee beans (torrefacto)
Grinder blocked by black coffee beans

The second problem: The Magnifica is not grinding enough coffee for the preparations, and the little that it does grind is not optimal; by this, we mean that the grind is not consistent; it is very small, flimsy, and breaks easily.

The second cause: This time, the problem does not come directly from the grinder but from the infuser. When residues and dirt start to accumulate inside the infuser, they will cause it to become clogged, and the ground coffee will not come out as expected.

The second solution: Open the front cover of the coffee maker, and remove the trays and the infuser. Then, disassemble the infuser until the piston inside is removed. The infuser generally accumulates coffee and other residues that prevent the piston from sliding up and down, finally throwing out all the ground coffee.

The piston should be cleaned to remove all residues so it can circulate without any problem. If you find any broken or worn gasket in this part, replace it with one in good condition.

Remove the filter located at one end of the piston; you can help with a screwdriver. Clean it very well and put it back in place. Once completely clean, put some grease on the moving parts with a brush and the piston O-ring gaskets.

Finally, reassemble the piston to the infuser; check that the piston slides smoothly and that the grease is well distributed; raise it and lower it a couple of times until you are sure. Once done, you can reassemble the infuser and the trays in the brewer.

Clean each part of the infuser
Clean each part of the infuser

Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker infuser does not work

Delonghi bean-to-cup coffee makers can automatically dose, tamp, and extract coffee through an internal infuser. If this part gets stuck and stops working, it will cause problems.

The problem: After preparing each coffee, the Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker automatically restarts the brewer, but for some reason, when performing this action, the infuser gets stuck in the wrong position.

The cause: If during the procedure performed by the coffee maker to reset the brewer, for some reason, the power supply to the machine is interrupted, this can cause the infuser to not end up in the correct position and get stuck in a position that is not indicated.

The solution: Initially, you should turn off and unplug your coffee maker. Then, with the service door closed and the water tank securely in place, connect the machine to the mains and turn on the switch that you will find on the back of the coffee maker.

When you have turned on the coffee maker, wait while it tries to reset itself automatically, and then turn off the machine; wait until this process is complete, as indicated by the lights going out. After this, the infuser should be in its correct position, and you can remove it if necessary.

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