Water leakage in Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker

Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken

Automatic coffee makers, such as the Delonghi Magnifica, make enjoying a delicious espresso at home convenient and simple. However, you may sometimes encounter an unpleasant inconvenience: water leaks. In this article, I will guide you through the reasons why this can happen in your Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker and provide tips to identify and resolve …

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DeLonghi Magnifica does not pump water or flows too slowly

Completely blocked inner tube

DeLonghi’s Magnifica series stands out for its distinctive 15-bar pumping pressure, a departure from the traditional 9-bar standard for espresso machines. This higher pressure is necessary to propel the water through the thermoblock and the infuser cylinder, resulting in optimal extraction within the brewing group. A comprehensive understanding of how your Magnifica’s hydraulic system operates …

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My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker is very noisy

Apply grease to the auger to eliminate noise.

Normally, automatic coffee makers with an integrated grinder tend to be noisy. Still, if this noise becomes much louder for no apparent reason, you should pay close attention to your coffee maker, which may indicate that one of its parts is failing. As a sample of the normal sounds of a Delonghi Magnifica, here is …

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Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker grinder and infuser problems

Remove the grinder burrs

Selecting the right coffee beans when using our Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker can prevent future problems with the grinder and infuser. And by “right beans,” I mean those with a light roast. Unfortunately, this importance often goes unnoticed until our Magnifica shows signs of malfunction. Many users encounter the sudden stop of their coffee maker’s …

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Delonghi Dedica water leaking

Delonghi Dedica 3-Way Valve Connector

It is rare for a Delonghi Dedica to leak water; however, this could happen. Fortunately, these cases of water leaks in the Dedica are due to two possible faults: on the one hand, damaged O-rings and, on the other hand, broken plastic parts. In this short article, based on my experience fixing coffee makers, I …

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Delonghi Dedica water pressure problems

Delonghi Dedica pressure problems

Loss of water pressure in the Delonghi Dedica is one of the most frustrating problems this espresso machine model suffers from. Fortunately, I have already fixed some Dedica machines and will explain it in this article. Note: Please do not confuse problems related to deficient coffee grinding that result in pressure problems. In this guide, …

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Troubleshooting guide for Delonghi coffee makers

Delonghi troubleshooting guide

After having written many articles about the different problems that affect Delonghi coffee makers, today I bring you this definitive guide that will help you identify the specific problem of your Delonghi and the quickest and easiest solution. Delonghi mainly manufactures espresso, super-automatic, and drip coffee makers, but they make not only their coffee makers …

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Delonghi drip coffee maker troubleshooting

Delonghi Drip coffee maker Troubleshooting

Delonghi has a wide line of super-automatic, espresso, and drip coffee makers, in addition to manufacturing capsule coffee makers for the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto brands. This article will focus on drip coffee makers and the most frequent problems to which they can be exposed. Note: We will also deal with the case of combi …

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Meaning of the lights of the Delonghi Magnifica

Delonghi Magnifica 3 lights flashing

Interpreting what the lights on a Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker, like other automatic coffee makers, mean can be tricky, as sometimes they come on steady, sometimes they flicker, and sometimes they may even flash several lights at once. What do the lights on the Delonghi Magnifica mean? Below we will explain what each light on …

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Water leakage in Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino coffee maker

Broken O-ring on Delonghi Eletta infuser

The problem of water leaks is not exclusive to the Delonghi brand or its Eletta model; it is common to all coffee makers. The most frequent leaks that can occur are the coffee infuser area and the machine’s base. Water leaks are, in addition to being uncomfortable, a problem that can end up affecting the …

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