How to change settings on the Delonghi Dedica

Delonghi Dedica Configuration

Changing the settings on the Delonghi Dedica coffee maker is very simple, although it is a little complex as it does not have a screen where we can see what we are doing. You can change these settings on the Dedica: Water temperature Water hardness Auto shutoff time Reset to factory defaults Change the volume …

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Delonghi Dedica steam wand not working

Delonghi Dedica steam wand replacement

Over time the Delonghi Dedica can suffer some wear and tear on its internal components, which is not to say that this great coffee maker is bad. In this concise but important article, I want to explain why your Dedicano produces steam and how it seems to lose pressure little by little. How to fix …

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Delonghi Dedica water leaking

Delonghi Dedica 3-Way Valve Connector

It is rare for a Delonghi Dedica to leak water. However, this can happen. Fortunately, these cases of water leaks in the Dedica are due to two possible faults: on the one hand, damaged O-rings and, on the other hand, broken plastic parts. In this short article, based on our experience fixing coffee machines, we …

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Delonghi Dedica water pressure problems

Delonghi Dedica pressure problems

Loss of water pressure in the Delonghi Dedica is one of the most frustrating problems this espresso machine model suffers from. Fortunately, we have already fixed some Dedica machines, and now we will explain it to you. Note: Please do not confuse problems with coffee grinding that result in pressure problems. In this guide, we …

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