Delonghi Dedica coffee machine button lights

The Delonghi Dedica lights meaning

Coffee machines that do not have a display communicate their status to the user through light codes on the buttons. On the Delonghi Dedica, the lights on its three buttons (espresso, double espresso, and steam) can remain off, on, or flashing, and each combination will mean something different. Why are the lights on my Delonghi …

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Delonghi Dedica coffee brewing issues

Delonghi Dedica coffee delivery issues

Sometimes, our Delonghi Dedica coffee machine does not deliver the desired amount of coffee, and we are forced to press the brew button repeatedly until we get a full cup. This problem can have several causes and solutions, which we will explain in this short guide. If there’s anything you don’t understand or need assistance …

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How to change settings on the Delonghi Dedica

Delonghi Dedica Configuration

Changing the settings on the Delonghi Dedica coffee maker is very simple, although it is a little complex as it does not have a screen where we can see what we are doing. You can change these settings on the Dedica: Adjustment of the automatic shutoff, water temperature, and water hardness Although these are not …

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Delonghi Dedica steam wand not working

Delonghi Dedica steam wand replacement

Over time the Delonghi Dedica can suffer some wear and tear on its internal components, which is not to say that this great coffee maker is bad. In this concise but important article, I want to explain why your Dedicano produces steam and how it seems to lose pressure little by little. How to fix …

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