Dolce Gusto coffee maker hot water not flowing

We have always said that the key to obtaining the best espressos is to pass water at the correct temperature (187 degrees Fahrenheit) and high pressure (up to 19 bar) through the ground coffee.

However, when we have the right water pressure but not the right temperature, we will obtain a coffee without a body and with a bad taste since, to extract the aroma from the interior of the ground coffee, the temperature is fundamental.

The lack of temperature in the water that our Dolce Gusto coffee maker serves can have two possible causes:

Loss of temperature due to excess calcification

Whether we use bottled water or tap water, this water contains minerals. As we use our coffee maker, the minerals in the water are deposited throughout the water circuit of the coffee maker.

Official Nescafé Dolce Gusto Durgol Descaling Kit - 2 Bottles x 125ml
Official Nescafé Dolce Gusto Durgol Descaling Kit – 2 Bottles x 125ml

It may seem that the deposit of limescale inside the coffee maker will only affect the flow of water and the pressure with which it leaves the machine; however, it will also affect the temperature. This first cause does not prevent the water from heating, but the temperature will be much lower than it should be.

The problem: The hot water from the Dolce Gusto coffee machine reaches its maximum temperature inside the thermoblock. This element heats up, and the water, by conduction, acquires the same temperature as the Thermoblock.

However, when too thick a layer of lime has built up inside the thermoblock, this lime acts as a thermal insulator, preventing the water from heating up sufficiently.

The cause: If you have not performed regular descaling, the thermoblock of your coffee maker may have created a layer of limescale that is too thick and prevents the water from heating sufficiently.

The solution: Perform one or more decalcifications as soon as possible. It is never too late to unclog a coffee maker with excessive limescale. If your coffee maker has a lot of limescale, it is advisable to let the specific liquid or white vinegar rest inside the machine for at least 24 hours.

Loss of temperature due to an internal fault

A very different cause from the previous one occurs when the Dolce Gusto coffee maker suddenly stops pouring hot water, and the water that comes out is completely cold.

The problem: The coffee maker only works in cold mode. If you turn the brewing lever to the hot side, the coffee maker does not work, but if you turn the lever to the cold side, it works without problems.

Normally an error message will appear as a flashing red light. See this article on the meaning of the lights on the power button of the Dolce Gusto.

Dolce Gusto Reusable Refillable Pods 3 pcs
Dolce Gusto Reusable Refillable Pods 3 pcs

The cause: Although it is bold to say that 100% of the cases are due to a thermoblock or thermostat failure, based on our experience fixing Dolce Gusto coffee machines, we can say it without fear of being wrong.

The solution: As for the thermoblock, you should visually inspect it, as a thermoblock failure is usually related to cracks or breaks. Normally you will observe water leaks or corrosion near this component.

Regarding the thermostat, you should check the continuity in the two wires coming out of it. A thermostat is in the “closed position” when it is cold, so it should give continuity. If not, it should be replaced.

Dolce Gusto thermostat and thermoblock
Dolce Gusto thermostat and thermoblock

Final words

  • If your Dolce Gusto coffee machine prepares colder coffees daily, the problem lies in more than lime deposits inside the thermoblock. This problem can be solved by regular descaling.
  • On the other hand, if your Dolce Gusto suddenly stops heating the coffee, normally, the lights on the power button will inform us of the fault. These problems are related to internal component failures that usually need replacement.

If neither of these two cases applies to your problem, this guide has probably helped you find the solution for your Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

If you want to share your experience with us, do not hesitate to comment. For more Dolce Gusto problems, check out this section of the blog.

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