Noise and Vibration of Dolce Gusto coffee machine

Vibration and noise in Dolce Gusto

Among all coffee pod machines, we find that Dolce Gusto coffee machines are among the noisiest and produce the most vibration (together with the Nespresso). The noise and vibration are mostly accentuated in the water pump and are reproduced to the outside through the plastic parts of which the coffee machine is made. The water …

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Water leakage problem in Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Dolce Gusto water leakage

When a malfunction occurs in our Dolce Gusto coffee machine, we must conduct a thorough investigation and evaluate all possible causes until we find the true cause of the problem. As the dripping is a consequence of a failure in the water system, we will have to check all the components of the system, as …

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Dolce Gusto water pressure problems

Dolce Gusto pressure problems

To obtain a good espresso coffee, we must make hot water pass through the ground coffee at a certain pressure, normally 9 bars. And if the water does not reach the minimum necessary pressure, the coffee will be similar to those obtained with a drip coffee maker; it will only be an infused coffee. So …

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How to disassemble a Dolce Gusto coffee maker

How to disassemble a Dolce Gusto coffee maker

Disassembling your Dolce Gusto coffee maker, as we have indicated in previous articles, is one of the first steps to solving many of the problems and breakdowns that arise with these coffee makers. However, until now, we have never told you how to do it. How to disassemble the outer casing of a Dolce Gusto …

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Excessive vibration and sound in Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Vibration and sound in Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Dolce Gusto is among the brands that produce the most vibration and sound in the coffee machine sector. And the internal component that produces the most vibration and sound is the water pump. This vibration is transmitted to the exterior due to the plastic materials used in the machine’s construction. The water pump is also …

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Dolce Gusto coffee maker hot water not flowing

Dolce Gusto temperature problems

We have always said that the key to obtaining the best espressos is to pass water at the correct temperature (187 degrees Fahrenheit) and high pressure (9 bar) through the ground coffee. However, when we have the right water pressure but not the right temperature, we will obtain a coffee without body and with a …

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My Dolce Gusto coffee maker does not turn on

Check continuity in the circuit to the control board

Among the most robust and durable pod coffee makers on the market, we can find those of the Dolce Gusto brand. Their quality is quite high, but this does not exempt them from presenting a problem from time to time. When we talk about a power failure, we refer specifically to coffee makers whose power …

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Meaning of the lights on the Dolce Gusto coffee machine

Image taken from the Dolce Gusto Infinissima instruction manual

In coffee makers that do not have a digital display, the information of the status of the machine is transmitted through different lights with steady or flashing status, which are coded so that each status of the machine can be easily identified just by looking at them. In general, all Dolce Gusto coffee makers have …

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My Dolce Gusto coffee maker does not prepare coffee

Dolce gusto not pouring water blown thermal fuse

The most common problems with capsule coffee makers are the lack of water to prepare the coffee. While it is true that this type of failure can occur in any coffee maker, Dolce Gusto brand coffee makers are a little more prone to suffer from it. In this article, we have compiled all the possible …

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The pod of my Dolce Gusto coffee maker is stuck

Coffee capsule stuck in Dolce Gusto capsule holder

Having a coffee pod stuck inside the Dolce Gusto coffee machine can cause much more serious secondary problems. The injector will remain inside the pod, and the nozzle needle could break or bend when trying to remove the pod. Suppose we forget to remove the coffee pod after preparing a beverage. In that case, it …

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