Excessive vibration and sound in Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Dolce Gusto is among the brands that produce the most vibration and sound in the coffee machine sector. And the internal component that produces the most vibration and sound is the water pump. This vibration is transmitted to the exterior due to the plastic materials used in the machine’s construction.

The water pump is also known as a “vibrating pump” due to the movement of a piston inside its body. The piston moves at high speed, and although Dolce Gusto adds rubber mounts to dampen the vibration, this is transmitted to the entire coffee maker.

Is the vibration and sound of my Dolce Gusto normal?

Note: If you think your new Dolce Gusto coffee maker vibrates and sounds excessive, watch the video below. In it, we recorded the decibels emitted by a Dolce Gusto Mini Me, which do not exceed 63 dB. For the measurement, we used a mobile application called Sound Meter, downloaded from Google Play for the Android system.

If we look at the pump manufacturer’s data sheet, we can see how this pump (ULKA E4) does not exceed 58dB. If you find it vibrates and sounds too much after comparing it with the one on the video, claim under the warranty period.

Hot water is injected into the coffee capsule at high pressure in all capsule coffee makers. To carry out this process, the water pump must move the piston with power and speed, which produces a vibration and a certain sound.

If your Dolce Gusto coffee maker is not under warranty anymore, check this:

  • Pay attention that no moving part of the Dolce Gusto is excessively loose, and that is the cause of the loud sound and excessive vibration.
  • Place the coffee maker on a rigid surface so that the vibration cannot be transmitted to the lower supports of the coffee maker.
  • Disassemble the coffee maker and check that the rubber gaskets that hold the pump to the chassis are correctly positioned.
Dolce Gusto rubber vibration absorber
Dolce Gusto rubber vibration absorber

If the above three points are correct, read on.

Excessive vibration and sound due to limescale build-up inside the pump

Once we have ruled out that no external or internal components are loose, the excess sound and vibration can only come from inside the water pump.

Fortunately, accumulation of limescale inside the pump is one of the most common and easy-to-fix cases. With the piston, spring, or other plastic components clogged with scale, the pump will emit more vibration and sound than usual.

To fix this problem, proceed with one or more decalcifications to remove any sediment build-up inside the water pump.

Excessive vibration and sound due to control board failure

Having fixed many Dolce Gusto machines over the years, I have found that a damaged control board is one of the most common problems that cause excessive vibration in Dolce Gusto coffee makers.

Although the pump always causes excessive vibration, the control board causes the pump to have erratic movement by sending the wrong signal. The control board is responsible for creating an electromagnetic field in the pump, and this field moves the pump correctly.

How do I know that the control board is damaged?

The ideal is to exchange the control board of the coffee maker with another control board that is working properly. However, this is not within everyone’s reach, so discarding the previous cases, this is the last cause that can produce excessive vibration and sound.

You should purchase a new control board and replace the old one to solve the problem. Although buying a new control board can cost as much as buying a new coffee maker, the most advisable action is to get a second-hand Dolce Gusto and exchange the control boards.

We have already written an article related to the control panel of the Dolce Gusto: My Dolce Gusto coffee maker does not turn on; read it if you are interested.

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