How to reset a Krups superautomatic coffee maker

If you want (or need) to reset your Krups superautomatic coffee maker, it is because your coffee maker does not work or does it very badly. Although this is a very extreme case, it has a solution, and here I will explain how to solve the problem.

➡️ If you want to reset a Krups Nespresso coffee machine, please refer to our Nespresso troubleshooting guide.

Krups malfunction vs. breakdown

Before resetting your Krups coffee maker, you should consider the possibility of the machine not working properly for some easily solvable reason.

The Krups’ lights indicate things such as the need for cleaning, descaling, adding water, etc. Most of these lights will remain on unless we complete the request of the coffee maker, but there will be cases in which they remain on despite having done so.

If, for example, your Krups asks you to insert the grounds drawer and even though it is inside, the coffee maker continues to request it, the detection sensor may be broken, or the drawer may not be activating it.

The same happens with the magnet of the water tank, the flow meter, etc. Therefore, before resetting, you should ensure that your coffee maker is clean and the sensors are working properly.

Resetting the Krups EA81 Coffee Maker

As I said before, entering the service menu to calibrate the grinder (the grinding time) can render your Krups unusable. No operation is possible; the machine does not heat up or make any sound:

  • The LEDs on the coffee grounds container and water tank flash non-stop.
  • The LEDs of the coffee grounds container and the cleaning light are flashing non-stop.
  • All 4 LEDs are flashing continuously.

Step by step to perform the Krups EA81 reset:

  1. Disconnect the Krups coffee maker from the mains (unplug it).
  2. Remove the water tank, the grounds container, and the slide on top of the grounds container (if your model has one).
  3. Turn the coffee volume control to 20 ml.
  4. Press and hold the “strong coffee” button on the far right and plug in the machine.
  5. All LEDs will now be lit. Insert the water tank, grounds container, and cleaning slide (if present).
  6. Turn the coffee volume control until all LEDs are off (approximately in the center).
  7. Place a container of at least 600ml under the coffee spout and steam nozzle, and press the “loose coffee” button.
  8. Water will start coming out of the coffee spout and the steam nozzle, and the piston will move toward the upper edge of the brewing chamber. The process is repeated twice. Then all the red LEDs go out.
  9. Press the “loose coffee” button again.
  10. The machine lowers the infusion piston twice, remaining in its lowest position after the two lowerings. If “all LEDs flash” unplug the machine and wait at least 5 seconds.
  11. Plug the brewer back into the mains; the brew piston will move to its initial position.
  12. Place the container under the coffee spout and the steam nozzle.
  13. Fill the water tank.
  14. Press the “strong coffee” button.
  15. A program will now run to fill the system of the coffee maker.
  16. After this, the coffee maker should work without any problems.

What to do if a reset does not fix the Krups superautomatic coffee machine

There are times when the reset does not work in some coffee makers, and this is because the control board is damaged. If, after cleaning everything very well and having checked all the sensors, the coffee maker still does not work, you will have to replace the control board.

Like any electronic device, Krups coffee makers are not immune to electrical/electronic failures, and when that happens, there is no other solution than to replace the control board. This will not cost you more than $25 and will fix your coffee maker.

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