How to reset a Krups superautomatic coffee maker

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If you want (or need) to reset your Krups superautomatic coffee maker, it is because your coffee maker does not work or does it very badly. Although this is a very extreme case, it has a solution, and here I will explain how to solve the problem.

➡️ To reset a Krups Nespresso pod machine, please refer to our Nespresso troubleshooting guide.

Note: Performing a reset on your Krups coffee maker essentially returns the machine to its initial factory settings, effectively wiping out all stored data and any custom configurations you might have previously programmed.

Differentiate between malfunctions and operating faults in a Krups

Before attempting to reset your Krups coffee maker, it is essential to remember that the machine may not be working properly due to malfunctions (easily fixable problems) or failures related to its physical components.

What is a Malfunction in a Krups coffee machine?

The Krups coffee maker uses indicator lights to signal cleaning, descaling, or adding water. Although most of these lights will remain on until you comply with the machine’s request, there may be cases where they persist even after the action is completed.

➡️ For a complete guide to interpreting the indicator lights on Krups superautomatic coffee makers, please refer to this other article.

In these cases, it is crucial to check whether the machine’s components are properly positioned and its sensors are working correctly. Without this, a reset will not solve the problem.

For example, if your Krups asks you to insert the coffee grounds drawer, but it does not fit properly, the sensor will not activate, and the indicator light will remain on despite your efforts. On the other hand, even if the drawer is in place, a dirty or damaged detection sensor could keep the light on.

The same principle applies to components such as the water tank magnet and flow meter. Therefore, ensure your Krups is clean and all the sensors are in place before resetting.

Krups descaler - Pack of 2
Krups descaler – Pack of 2

What is an Operating fault in a Krups coffee machine?

When we talk about malfunctions, the Krups coffee maker normally indicates an “operating fault” by flashing all the lights simultaneously or indicating the coffee maker’s immediate shutdown.

These cases occur when the user’s safety or the coffee maker’s integrity is at risk. Most cases are related to the thermoblock and thermostat since if the temperature gets too high or the brewer cannot read it, it will automatically shut down for safety.

So, if your coffee maker suddenly turns off or all the lights turn on simultaneously, you do not need to reset the machine but replace the thermoblock or the thermostat. Refer to this article for fixing malfunctions.

Resetting the Krups EA81 Coffee Maker

As mentioned earlier, accessing the service menu can potentially render your Krups coffee maker inoperable. In such a scenario, no functions will be available; the machine will not heat up or produce sound. It’s important to emphasize that attempting such actions is done at your own risk and responsibility.

Step by step to perform the Krups EA81 reset:

  1. Disconnect the Krups coffee maker from the mains (unplug it).
  2. Remove the water tank, the grounds container, and the slide on top of the container (if your model has one).
  3. Turn the coffee volume control to 20 ml.
  4. Press and hold the “strong coffee” button on the far right and plug in the machine.
  5. All LEDs will now be lit. Insert the water tank, grounds container, and cleaning slide (if present).
  6. Turn the coffee volume control until all LEDs are off (approximately in the center).
  7. Place a container of at least 600ml under the coffee spout and steam nozzle, and press the “week coffee” button.
  8. Water will start coming out of the coffee spout and the steam nozzle, and the piston will move toward the upper edge of the brewing chamber. The process is repeated twice. Then, all the red LEDs go out.
  9. Press the “week coffee” button again.
  10. The machine lowers the infusion piston twice, remaining in its lowest position after the two lowerings. If “all LEDs flash,” unplug the machine and wait at least 5 seconds.
  11. Plug the Krups back into the mains; the brew piston will move to its initial position.
  12. Place the container under the coffee spout and the steam nozzle.
  13. Fill the water tank.
  14. Press the “strong coffee” button.
  15. A program will now run to fill the system of the coffee maker.
  16. After this, the coffee maker should work without any problems.

What to do if a reset does not fix the Krups superautomatic coffee machine

There are times when the reset does not work in some coffee makers, and this is because the control board is damaged. If, after cleaning everything very well and having checked all the sensors, the coffee maker still does not work, you will have to replace the control board.

Like any electronic device, Krups coffee makers are not immune to electrical/electronic failures, and when that happens, there is no other solution than to replace the control board. This will not cost you more than $25 and will fix your coffee maker.

Krups descaler - Pack of 2
Krups descaler – Pack of 2
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