Cleaning and descaling of Jura coffee machines

P button to access the cleaning menu

Most of the problems that coffee makers suffer from nowadays are related to the lack of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative to perform regular cleaning (and descaling) whenever our Jura coffee maker requests it or when we notice that the coffee is not prepared as it should be. Fortunately, cleaning and descaling a …

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Pressure problems in Jura coffee machines

Descaling instructions for Jura Giga 6

Although it is not a very common failure in Jura coffee makers, on some occasions, we may find that the machine does not brew the amount of coffee it should. In addition, it is felt that the coffee maker has difficulty extracting the coffee as if it were losing power or pressure. These problems related …

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Problems with the milk frother on Jura coffee machines

How to clean the milk frother in a Jura dual spout coffee maker

When your Jura coffee maker does not make froth enough or the milk splashes out of the frother every time you try to froth it, the cause may be excessive dirt in the frother, and, for obvious reasons, the solution will be to perform a thorough cleaning of the milk frother. Here are the steps …

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