Troubleshooting guide for Krups coffee makers

Krups troubleshooting guide

The Krups brand enjoys a global reputation and is highly esteemed in the coffee maker industry, with a history spanning over 40 years. Their product range includes Krups pods, super-automatic, drip, and espresso coffee makers. If you’ve come here seeking assistance with a specific issue related to your Krups coffee pod machine, please navigate to …

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How to reset a Krups superautomatic coffee maker

Display of the super automatic coffee maker Krups EA82

If you want (or need) to reset your Krups superautomatic coffee maker, it is because your coffee maker does not work or does it very badly. Although this is a very extreme case, it has a solution, and here I will explain how to solve the problem. ➡️ To reset a Krups Nespresso pod machine, …

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How to calibrate the grinder of a Krups coffee maker

Insert the outer grinding wheel and turn the plastic cover clockwise to fix it

Many Krups super-automatic coffee maker users often wonder how to make their coffee grinder work faster. Typically, the grinder should take around 6 to 8 seconds to do its job, but some Krups machines may take longer, around 9 to 11 seconds. This extended grind time can lead to excess ground coffee in the piston, …

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Meaning of the Krups EA80 / EA81 lights

On/ Off button lights with single flashing, while the CALC and CLEAN button lights with steady on.

When using your Krups super-automatic coffee maker, you may encounter different patterns of lights on the power button and other indicators, which can sometimes be confusing. However, these lights do not necessarily indicate a problem but effectively communicate between the machine and the user. In the following sections, I will guide you through the different …

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