Lavazza compatible pods: Are they worth it?

Lavazza is an Italian brand with great popularity among European consumers; in any European country, we have a significant variety in all its products, both in coffee machines and in its original and compatible pods. However, it is more difficult to find these Lavazza-compatible coffee capsules outside of Europe.

Original Lavazza pods are known for their quality and variety. Still, their reduced availability in many countries and their high cost put them at a disadvantage compared to compatible or refillable capsules.

This is why many users prefer to buy compatible pods manufactured by other brands, but… is it worth switching from originals to compatibles? This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Lavazza-compatible pods.

Do Lavazza-compatible pods work well?

The most effective way to know if these pods work or not is through the experience of the users themselves. So I recommend, before you buy them, always look at online reviews and ratings (especially the lower ones), as these are the ones that can tell you if something can go wrong with them.

I have to say that although many are happy with these pods, the negative comments may create some doubts. Not only do they allude to the bad taste of the coffee, with a burnt and bitter taste, but also some complain that they are not really “as compatible” as expected since sometimes the coffee does not brew, showing drips and spills.

Malfunctioning Lavazza compatible pods
Malfunctioning Lavazza-compatible pods

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Do Lavazza-compatible pods taste good?

Below, you can see some reviews of different brands of compatible pods, which caught my attention, and I hope they will help you to decide between buying them. I recommend that if you have a way to buy original pods, do not hesitate to buy them because their quality does not compare with any other.

Reviews of lavazza compatible capsules

Where to buy, variety and prices of Lavazza compatible pods

As I mentioned, in many countries where the Lavazza brand is not so popular, it is difficult to get compatible pods for these coffee makers, and the only way to buy them is through online stores.

Practically in any European country, you can easily find them both in physical stores and online, but to develop this article, I will use online prices as a reference.

There are many brands of Lavazza-compatible pods on the market, but one of the most prominent and whose reviews are not bad is Caffé Borbone. The brand offers pods compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio and Espresso Point; it has a wide variety of flavors and presentations, ranging from 50 to 600 units.

  • The price of Caffé Borbone pods compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio is about £0.18 per unit on average, and they have various blends of Red, Blue, Black, Gold, and Dek.
  • On average, those compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point cost about £0.2 per unit, with Blue, Black, and Gold blends.

Note: Keep in mind that they are not the same as those marketed by Lavazza in its original pods, whose variety is much wider, but these blends try to resemble them.

Comparing them with the original Lavazza pods that cost £0.40 each on average, we will save almost half by buying compatible pods. In the long term, this would represent a great benefit in economic terms. Compatible pods do have a great advantage over the originals.

Can original Lavazza pods be refilled?

Another alternative to save money with coffee pods is to reuse the original ones. I was looking on YouTube whether or not it is possible to reuse Lavazza pods, and I found some videos that show how to do it, but to be honest, they are methods that do not seem entirely reliable and are too laborious.

By reusing original pods, the chances of ruining the coffee maker are high, and this will ultimately result in additional expense rather than savings.

Are refillable pods a good alternative to the original ones?

If you plan to use refillable pods in a pod coffee maker (whatever brand it is), you can do so, but avoid using refillable metal pods. I recently had to repair a Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny because it stopped piercing the original pods after using refillable metal pods.

Lavazza coffee makers make multiple perforations in the pod surface when coffee brewing begins. If the surface against which the plastic perforators hit is too hard, they will deform irreparably.

Bent Lavazza coffee machine nozzles
Bent Lavazza coffee machine nozzles

In the photo above, you can see the state where the plastic punchers were left after hitting the refillable steel pod. So consider this before inserting a refillable metal pod into your Lavazza machine.


Whether or not to buy Lavazza-compatible pods will depend on your needs; for example, if you want to save money, the lower prices of these pods will captivate you. However, if you are looking for excellent quality, use the original Lavazza pods. 

On the other hand, I do not recommend risking your coffee maker by trying to reuse the original pods. So, if you cannot always buy the original ones, go for the compatible ones before the refillable ones.

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