Main reasons to buy a coffee pod machine

You may have heard much about coffee pod machines, as their popularity is growing. Although many people enjoy them quite a lot, others believe they represent the end of barista art.

This may be partly true, as these coffee makers are designed to encourage the common person to make different coffee preparations without needing any previous knowledge. By pressing a button, we can easily and quickly obtain the coffee we like the most easily and quickly. Their ease of use is also why they are so well received.

These machines use pods with compacted pre-ground coffee, which, when introduced into the coffee maker, are injected with hot water at high pressure. Afterward, the resulting liquid begins to fall into the cup, and once the jet has stopped, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Thanks to coffee pod machines, different coffee beverages can be tasted with great ease of use and speed. A coffee pod machine also allows you to prepare, apart from coffee, tea drinks, chocolates, and even juices.

Reasons to buy a coffee pod machine

Many reasons exist for acquiring a coffee pod machine today, but here I am going to tell you in broad strokes based on my experience and knowledge of the market, which are the main ones.

1. Ease of use of the coffee maker

As I mentioned, coffee pod machines allow you to make the coffee you want without previous knowledge or barista skills, obtaining exquisite preparations. They are so easy to use that it is enough to place a coffee pod inside the machine and let it take care of everything for you.

Contrary to espresso coffee makers, where it is necessary to perfect the preparation variables, from grinding the beans at the right time to tamping the coffee with adequate pressure.

This process is simplified in coffee pod machines because the coffee in the pod is already ground, measured, and pressed for optimal extraction, with no room for error by the person preparing it.

2. Speed in the preparation of coffee

While it is true that coffee prepared in an espresso coffee maker can be more customizable, it requires grinding, pouring it into the filter, pressing it, adjusting the arm of the coffee maker, and configuring the parameters that you want to customize to prepare one or two cups at the most.

It is also necessary to consider the cleaning, which is more complicated in espresso machines, representing more time to achieve a good extraction.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, simplifying these processes can be very convenient. Coffee pod machines give us this option by working more practically, where you only have to put the pod in the coffee maker, turn it on, press a button, and have your coffee in the cup. Coffee can be prepared in less than a minute!

3. Convenience of use of the coffee maker

Convenience is one of the most significant advantages of coffee pod machines, not only because of their ease of use but also because they are much more practical in cleaning and maintenance. This cleaning and maintenance are required much less frequently and in a much simpler way than in other types of coffee makers.

There are other more popular methods for preparing coffee, such as espresso coffee makers, which tend to generate a lot of dirt during the preparation process. In addition, they use many components during the process, which must be left clean after using the coffee maker, so it will take you more time to collect everything and clean it when the job is finished.

Carefully rinsing and cleaning each component after each use can be a headache; this is where coffee pod machines take advantage. These coffee makers not only make less mess than traditional espresso methods, but most of them, after brewing, only require removing the pod, throwing it in the trash, and they are ready to prepare the next cup.

In these coffee makers, all the ground coffee is contained in a single pod, so there is no spillage, no compacting, no emptying, no waste of coffee, and no need to clean the coffee residue from the machine’s shower. Maintenance is simple; most single-serve coffee makers can easily disassemble and clean from either side.

4. Quality of the coffee used in the coffee maker

We can be confused when thinking that these coffee makers because they are easier and more practical to use, can sacrifice the quality of the coffee. And nothing could be further from the truth since the coffee from coffee pod machines has nothing to envy in any preparation with freshly ground coffee machines.

This is because, to obtain good quality coffee, it is necessary to keep the beans and the ground coffee as fresh as possible, using only the exact amount required at the right moment. This is the system offered by coffee pod machines. Each pod is hermetically sealed, and its seal is only broken at the moment of use, guaranteeing incredibly fresh coffee in every cup. 

Unopened coffee pods stay fresh for up to 18 months and ensure that the flavors and aromas of freshly ground coffee beans are preserved until the pod is opened and used.

When a normal coffee is used, we take out of the package only the amount for one preparation, but the rest remains. Immediately after opening it, the coffee begins to lose its properties, and it is useful to store what remains in airtight containers to maintain its flavor for a longer period. Still, even so, it will not last as long as the coffee pods.

The consistent quality of the beverages is one of the main advantages of coffee pod machines. No matter how long you store coffee pods, as long as they are of good quality, they will not lose consistency or flavor, and each coffee pod will end up being as tasty as the previous one.

5. Variety of the coffee machine’s preparations

Coffee pod machines allow you to enjoy different types of beverages, not only coffees but also chocolates, blends, or infusions, with the same ease, in the same machine, and with the same process.

Likewise, using coffee pods does not mean you have to be satisfied with regular coffee since there are many flavors and specialties, from lattes to cappuccinos, mochas, etc. Preparations with an espresso coffee maker require professional barista knowledge, but with coffee pod machines, you can enjoy them at the push of a button.

6. Energy savings of the coffee maker

Mostly, coffee pod machines are designed to have a low energy consumption compared to conventional espresso coffee makers, another of their great advantages. This is basically due to the machine’s speed and the pods’ compact size.

Once the power button is pressed, the hot water immediately reaches the pod, and the beverage is extracted. This process is very fast and saves energy in the long run, so at the end of the year, you will save money using a coffee pod machine.

7. Size and portability of the coffee maker

A coffee pod machine is ideal if your kitchen is small and you need to optimize your space. Being a compact machine, it will not get in your way, and even if you prefer to store it after each use, it will not be difficult to find a space where it will fit easily.

Its reduced weight and compact size make it easy to move the coffee maker. This also makes maintenance easier. It requires a very easy installation process since most of its parts are articulated, and you can easily transport them wherever you need them.

8. Aesthetics of the coffee maker

Coffee pod machines are much more beautiful, colorful, and cheerful and look better in any place than a traditional espresso machine. However, this is subjective since it depends on each individual’s taste.

And, of course, there will always be those who think that a coffee maker is only for making coffee and nothing else and that the rest of the aspects are irrelevant. Still, the sales statistics say the opposite, the esthetic part is important.


You need to optimize your time, obtain quality beverages, and have comfort. If you are passionate about coffee and its specialties, without a doubt, the coffee pod machine is ideal for you.

These were the main reasons for acquiring a coffee pod machine, based on my experience. Now the decision is up to you and your needs.