My Cuisinart coffee maker is leaking water

When your Cuisinart coffee maker leaks water, especially at the base, what may be happening is that one of the internal hoses through which the water circulates is loose or has broken.

It is very common that in most cases of leaks in Cuisinart coffee makers, due to the high temperatures, the hoses connected to the heating element end up deteriorating, and the water will begin to escape through the small cuts in connection with the water heater.

How to repair a Cuisinart coffee maker that leaks water

To locate a water leak in a Cuisinart coffee maker, you must disassemble it to access its internal components. Once the coffee maker has all the parts exposed, it will be easy to locate where it is leaking. Once you have located the leak at the junction of the hoses to the heater, you can follow the steps below to repair the leak:

Note: Before you begin, have the following tools you will need on hand: needle-nose pliers, a CR-VT10 safety Torx screwdriver, a small flat-blade screwdriver, wire cutters, and silicone (optional).

  1. Make sure that the coffee maker is turned off and unplugged.
  2. Verify that the water tank is completely empty.
  3. Remove the bottom cover of the coffee maker; you will have to lay the machine down to access the four screws at the bottom. To remove them, use a safety Torx screwdriver (CR-VT10); once the screws are removed, you may need to slide a flat-blade screwdriver across the joint to remove the bottom cover more easily.
  4. Now proceed to locate the water leak. Check all the internal components very well, as there have been cases in which leaks have been found even in the aluminum heating element. But pay special attention to the condition of the hoses, as they are the main cause of leaks in Cuisinart coffee makers when damaged.
  5. If you located the broken hose, you must tighten the clamp and push it towards the heating element to remove it.
  6. Now remove the cracked hose from the kettle; when the crack is at the end where the hose connects to the kettle, you could try cutting off the damaged end, so you don’t have to replace the hose.
  7. Reinstall the hose onto the water heater, not forgetting to put the clamp back on.
  8. Finally, replace the bottom cover of the brewer.
Leaky sections in a Cuisinart coffee maker
Leaky sections in a Cuisinart coffee maker

Note: If the leakage problem of your Cuisinart coffee maker was not solved with the above indications, you should thoroughly check the water pump, the thermoblock, and the valves of the pipes. Assuming that the first thing you checked was the water tank since it is not in place or if the gasket is missing at the connection with the coffee maker, it can also cause leaks.

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