My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker has pressure problems

The pressure exerted by the coffee maker, among other factors, plays a fundamental role in obtaining quality preparations. If you want your coffee to be ideal, the pressure exerted by the machine should be around 9 bars according to the established parameters.

Coffee prepared with a pump that delivers less than 9 bars of pressure will be far from being a perfect coffee. Below you will find the most frequent pressure problems that a Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker can face.

My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker has low water pressure

If the water reaches the coffee with good pressure, the quality of the preparations and the agility of the coffee maker to carry them out will be optimal. The proper functioning of the entire system through which the water circulates depends on good pressure in the machine.

The problem: The taste of the coffee my Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker prepared has changed, and it also takes much longer to prepare. The quality of the coffee has decreased considerably after the water does not come out with sufficient pressure.

The cause: The coffee maker’s O-rings are small parts prone to damage and wear with time and use of the machine. They are everywhere inside the coffee maker, even in parts that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the boiler valve.

The valve is a fundamental part of the water to flow normally, and if any of its seals are damaged, it will cause a leak that will end up decreasing the pressure in the flow and output of the water.

The solution: Disassemble the coffee maker to locate the boiler inside, which you must remove very carefully since it comes with the attached valve. With a screwdriver, separate the valve from the boiler and disassemble the valve until the yellow cap is removed.

Next, locate the damaged O-rings inside the valve and replace them with new ones. Once this is done, reassemble the valve and take it back to its place in the boiler. Finally, reassemble the brewer.

Delonghi Magnifica Brew unit
Delonghi Magnifica Brew unit

The water pump of my Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker does not work

The pump of a coffee maker is responsible for propelling the water through all the circuits and making the coffee finally reach our cup. If the coffee maker has stopped pouring water, the most likely cause is that the pump has stopped working.

The problem: My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker has stopped brewing coffee. When we try to start the coffee maker, no water comes out of the machine, and it does not make any sound inside, but all the lights come on.

The cause: If there is a water leak near the pump and the pump has been getting wet continuously, it can have a sudden failure. The coffee makers have pipes and valves specially designed so that the water circulates only through them, but if there is a liquid leakage near other internal components, they can cause damage to them. Finally, coffee makers are still electronic devices.

The solution: Disassemble the coffee maker and identify the leak that has caused the damage; if it is a damaged gasket, replace it with a new one. Change the damaged pump for one in good condition, finally reassemble the coffee maker and turn it on, but turn the vaporizer on so that the air comes out and the new pump is purged; this way, the machine will be ready to make your coffee.

Water pump damaged by dripping water
Delonghi Magnifica water pump damaged by dripping water

My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker does not dispense coffee

This problem is much more common than we think, and although we may think that the failure comes from a fault in the water pump, there are other causes that we can rule out before and whose solution is much easier.

The problem: The coffee maker has stopped brewing coffee; when we start it up, everything seems to start working well, as the machine emits a loud sound, something like a buzzing sound, but finally, the coffee maker does not dispense water, and the coffee never comes out. The water tank light blinks, and the three lights next to the power button blink in sequence.

The cause: If air has entered the water system, the liquid flow will be obstructed, and the machine will not brew coffee. This happens when the reservoir runs out of water while the coffee maker operates. To expel the air from the system, the pump must be primed, as indicated below:

The solution: Turn on the coffee maker, check that the water tank is full and place a container under the steamer nozzle. Turn the steam knob, and water will come out instead of steam; this way, the air in the system that conducts the water will come out, let a few seconds pass, and close the knob. This way, the machine will be ready to prepare coffee again.

If this does not work and the problem persists, you should likely check the water pump inside the machine.

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  1. hello Pablo, this is George, you helped out before, may I ask a question on a de longhi magnifica s that also broke down.. It goes on and prepares to make a cup but then the water flow stops and i get the tray light flashing, the water light stays on and the general warning light flashes too ( all red). I can switch off and it will sometimes make a cup but this error keeps coming back.. any idea..?


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