My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker is very noisy

Normally automatic coffee makers with an integrated grinder tend to be noisy. Still, if this noise becomes much louder for no apparent reason, you should pay close attention to your coffee maker, as this may indicate that one of its parts is failing.

The problem: The noise my Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker emits every time I start it up is too loud and uncomfortable, different from the noise it had always emitted during the normal grinding function.

The cause: Many parts inside the coffee maker become clogged by accumulating coffee residues and other impurities. One of them could be the auger where the shaft that moves the cylinder of the coffee maker up and down slides.

When this part becomes clogged, the coffee maker must make a great effort to move it up and down, producing much more noise.

The solution: Open the front cover of the coffee maker to remove the trays, the infuser, and the support of the machine, to have access to the auger.

Apply a little bit of grease on the auger
Apply a little bit of grease to the auger

Then clean the coffee maker completely, including the auger and the entire interior of the machine, ensuring no residue. With the help of a brush, apply a little grease to the auger to facilitate the sliding of the shaft. Finally, replace all the parts that were removed from the coffee maker.

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