My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker is very noisy

Normally, automatic coffee makers with an integrated grinder tend to be noisy. Still, if this noise becomes much louder for no apparent reason, you should pay close attention to your coffee maker, which may indicate that one of its parts is failing.

As a sample of the normal sounds of a Delonghi Magnifica, here is a video with all the normal processes so that you can compare them with those of your coffee maker:

Noise problem with the grinder

As you have seen in the previous video, the grinder should make a sharp and uniform sound, meaning the burrs rotate freely, grinding the coffee precisely.

Problem: When grinding the coffee, the grinder does not make a uniform sound; it sounds like there is a partial jam. The grinder rotates, but there is a “tac, tac, tac”…

The sound of a jammed grinder in Delonghi Magnifica

Cause: Some piece of wood or stone that contaminated the coffee is stuck between the grinding wheels, and therefore, at each rotation, you hear that “tac, tac, tac”.

Solution: Disassemble the grinder as you saw in this other article and remove any foreign body from between the grinding wheels.

Noise problems with raising and lowering the infuser

Problem: Every time the brewer changes position, a deep and continuous sound can be heard, almost like a squeaking sound. It sounds as if the brewer does not have enough force to move the internal parts.

Cause: Coffee residue and dirt accumulate inside the auger where the shaft that moves the brewer up and down slides. As the auger is clogged, the machine must make a great effort to move this part up and down, making much more noise.


  • Open the front cover of the coffee maker.
  • Remove the trays, the brewing group (infuser), and its support until the auger is visible. You will need a torx head to remove the support of the brewing group.
  • Clean the coffee machine, the auger, and the interior well, ensuring no coffee or other residues.
  • With the help of a brush or directly with your finger, apply a little grease to facilitate the sliding of the shaft.
  • Reassembly everything as it was in the coffee maker.
Apply grease to the auger to eliminate noise.
Apply grease to the auger to eliminate noise.

Note: If the noise continues, disassemble the preparation group, change the O-rings, and grease the piston as described here.

Buzzing sound when brewing coffee

Problem: The coffee maker performs all the operations prior to the preparation of coffee correctly; however, when it is time to pour the coffee, a very high-pitched buzzing sound is heard. Sometimes, the coffee maker does not brew coffee, and the emergency light stays on.

The buzzing sound of the Delonghi Magnifica

Cause: One of the solenoid valves is damaged or malfunctioning. These valves are placed in series in the hydraulic circuit of the coffee maker and are small black squares.

Solenoid valve on Delonghi Magnifica S coffee maker
Solenoid valve on Delonghi Magnifica S coffee maker

Solution: Locate the solenoid valve in bad condition and replace it with another one. If you feel the vibration in your finger when touching it while it is working, this valve needs to be replaced.

➡️ Make sure you buy the correct valve for the model of your Delonghi coffee machine:

Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve

Note: Some Delonghi Magnifica don´t have a solenoid valve, so any buzzing sound will come from the motor or the pump.