My Tassimo coffee maker does not detect water

We have decided to write this short article after seeing how often Tassimo coffee makers stop working because the machine does not detect the presence of water in the tank.

Despite having a full water tank, the coffee maker does not allow us to prepare coffee by illuminating the red light that indicates a lack of water. No matter how often we connect or disconnect the tank, the machine continues to illuminate the red light.

Although it sounds a bit obvious, the first thing you should do is to check that the water tank is full and that it is also very well placed in its place. If you have already checked that the above is OK and still the red light keeps flashing without the tank being able to detect the water, the problem may be due to one of the following two causes:

The first cause: If you look closely inside the water tank, there is a gauge (something like a black plastic cap that floats in the water and lifts a magnet); this gauge is responsible for detecting whether the tank is full or empty.

When the water level indicator is stuck and the magnet cannot go up when filling the tank with water, the coffee maker will always indicate the lack of water with the red light, even with a full tank.

Tassimo magnet in the water tank
Tassimo magnet in the water tank

The first solution: With your hand, carefully move the water level indicator until it is unlocked so it can go up without any problem.

The second cause: Although this is a more extreme case, if what happens is that the magnet of the meter rises without problem, still the red light is on, and the machine does not detect water, it may be that the magnet no longer has its magnetic power.

The second solution: Replace the meter magnet with a new one. The Tassimo brand does not sell this spare part separately, so you will have to buy a complete tank to extract the replacement magnet from there or find a similar small magnet that can replace the original one.