My Tassimo coffee maker does not heat the coffee

When studying coffee temperature problems in Tassimo coffee makers, we can find ourselves in two completely different situations:

  • When the coffee temperature is low.
  • When the coffee comes out completely cold.

We know that the first option to find answers to how to solve these problems will be to go to the user manual of our Tassimo coffee maker. However, its troubleshooting section does not consider this type of failure. For this reason, we have prepared this article so that you know exactly what happens and how you can solve it.

Excerpt from Tassimo coffee machine manual - troubleshooting
Excerpt from Tassimo coffee machine manual – troubleshooting

Is it possible to set the coffee temperature in a Tassimo?

Tassimo coffee makers use an intelligent pod system called “intellibrew”, by which the coffee maker automatically adjusts the amount of water for each capsule.

For this reason, most Tassimo coffee makers have a single button to prepare coffee. In this type of coffee maker, it is impossible to adjust any value related to the preparation of the coffee.

However, in the case of the MyWay and MyWay2 coffee makers, we have a standard temperature displayed with a yellow thermometer light, a warmer temperature with the reddish illuminated thermometer and a lower temperature with the whitish illuminated thermometer.

Temperature selector Tassimo Myway
Temperature selector Tassimo Myway

The coffee prepared by my Tassimo coffee maker has a very low temperature

When your Tassimo coffee maker begins to lower the temperature of the coffee, it prepares increasingly; there is no doubt that the cause is the accumulation of lime in the water circuit. This problem is not exclusive to the Tassimo brand but coffee makers.

The temperature exchange between the thermoblock and the water will be deficient if there is a build-up of lime scale and other residues inside the thermoblock, and this will cause the water it provides to be too cold. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by immediately descaling the coffee maker, and that’s it.

For any coffee maker, it is always advisable to perform a regular descaling; this will guarantee not only the good functioning of the machine but also the good taste of the coffees you prepare with it.

The coffee prepared by my Tassimo coffee maker is completely cold

NOTE: Normally, the Tassimo, will go into failure mode if the thermoblock or the thermostat fails; however, there are occasions when the coffee maker allows us to make coffee even though the lights on the power button show the failure.

It is necessary to know that there are two components involved in the temperature of the coffee in Tassimo coffee makers: the thermoblock and the thermostat.

  • The thermoblock heats the water.
  • The thermostat switches off the thermoblock once a certain temperature is reached.

When we plug our coffee maker into the electric current, this current immediately reaches the thermoblock and begins to heat the water. Up to this point, the thermostat will be in the “closed position” by default. Still, once the thermoblock has reached approximately 86°C, the thermostat will switch to the “open position”, interrupting the current to prevent it from reaching the thermoblock and heating the water.

If the coffee brewed by your Tassimo is completely cold, the thermostat is broken and has remained in the “open position”; therefore, the thermoblock does not heat the water.

It can also happen that the thermoblock does not heat the water, even with the thermostat in the “closed position”. In this case, the fault is in the thermoblock itself. A thermoblock failure is often followed by water leakage. Carefully check that no water (or steam) is leaking from any side.

To check if the thermostat is in good condition, you should:

  1. Turn off and unplug the Tassimo.
  2. Disassemble the coffee maker until you reach the thermostat.
  3. Check for continuity in the thermostat. This device is connected in series in the circuit that feeds the thermoblock, so it must have continuity when the thermoblock is cold.
  4. If it is defective, it is advisable to replace both the thermoblock and the thermostat.

We recommend that you get a second-hand coffee maker of the same model and use the thermoblock as a spare part since a second-hand coffee maker can cost you between 5 and 15 dollars, while buying a new heating element can cost you more than 100 dollars.