Troubleshooting guide for Nespresso coffee makers

Nespresso troubleshooting guide

The Nespresso brand is probably one of the best-known in the world of coffee, and this fame has been achieved over the years thanks to the durability of their coffee machines. However, the fact that Nespresso manufactures very robust coffee machines does not mean that they are exempt from failing at some point. In this …

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Aeroccino troubleshooting

Check the internal components of the Aeroccino

The two main problems we can face when using an Aeroccino are twofold; On the one hand, this elegant Nespresso frother does not froth properly, and on the other hand, the Aeroccino does not work at all. While poor foam quality is usually related to the technique, the milk we use, or the configuration, the …

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Nespresso VertuoLine button lights and their modes

Nespresso VertuoLine button lights and their modes

A single button for brewing coffee makes the Nespresso VertuoLine* machines incredibly easy to use. However, interpreting the meaning of the colors of the lights under this button can be almost impossible. If all goes well, the lights on the button won’t worry us too much. Normally we wonder about their meaning when the coffee …

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My Nespresso coffee machine has pressure problems

Nespresso pressure problems

Remember that there are established parameters to prepare an ideal espresso with a classic espresso machine. The requirements are: The pressure exerted by the machine is essential to obtain good preparations. The Nespresso coffee makers have a maximum pressure of 20 bar ± 3 bar. However, these values refer to the pump’s design, not the …

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My Nespresso machine does not prepare the right amount of coffee

Nespresso does not make a cup of adequate volume

Normally you will only find two buttons on most Nespresso coffee machine models, one for espresso preparations and the other for lungo. Some models, such as the Nespresso U or the Prodigio, have a third button for preparing ristrettos (we are talking about Nespresso OriginalLine coffee machines). And before getting into the subject of what …

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My Nespresso machine does not heat the coffee

Nespresso does not heat coffee

At the time of preparing a perfect espresso coffee, although there is no exact formula defined, there are some generalized parameters that should be followed to obtain an excellent espresso coffee with a classic espresso machine, such as the following: Use 7 grams of ground coffee. The coffee should have a relatively fine grind. The …

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Does my Nespresso coffee machine make too much noise?

are nespresso coffee makers noisy?

To cover this topic completely, we must refer to the noise produced by Nespresso coffee machines in good condition (without breakdowns), the noise produced by problems that appear over time, and the many uses of your machine. How noisy can a Nespresso coffee machine be? In a way, all coffee makers are naturally noisy, but …

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Nespresso OrignalLine meaning of the button lights

Meaning of the Nespresso lights

The lights in our Nespresso coffee machine are designed to inform us of the machine’s status according to the present situation. However, when there is a combination of steady or flashing lights, it is not so easy to identify what is happening with the coffee maker. Even though Nespresso evolves its models more and more, …

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My nespresso does not prepare coffee

no water comes out from my Nespresso

In this article, we will try to cover all the possible causes why your Nespresso coffee machine may stop dispensing coffee (or water). This can happen both in new coffee makers and those that have been in use for many years, and here we will tell you why this can happen. We know each case …

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My Nespresso coffee machine is leaking water

Nespresso water leak

When speaking of the best pod coffee makers on the market, we must undoubtedly refer to those of the Nespresso brand. They are machines that not only offer the possibility of obtaining varied and exquisite espressos, but also their high quality makes them coffee makers that hardly present failures in their operation. However, a problem …

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