Pressure problems in Jura coffee machines

Although it is not a very common failure in Jura coffee makers, on some occasions, we may find that the machine does not brew the amount of coffee it should. In addition, it is felt that the coffee maker has difficulty extracting the coffee as if it were losing power or pressure.

These problems related to pressure are usually more related to cleaning and maintenance than real problems with the water pumping system. This short guide will look at the main reasons why a Jura coffee maker loses pressure.

The coffee maker has a build-up of limescale in its interior

The first action that a coffee maker with a low-pressure user should take is immediate decalcification. But be careful; this decalcification will only be possible if the machine sprays some coffee from the nozzle. Otherwise, it will be impossible.

Suppose when you brew coffee, it spills very little water. In that case, this decalcification will probably not be very effective, and you will have to repeat the operation until the water flow increases. Follow the user manual steps, as the coffee maker can be very clogged with limescale and sediment.

Descaling instructions for Jura Giga 6
Descaling instructions for Jura Giga 6

This descaling process should solve the problem if the problem is an excess of limescale.

The nozzles of the coffee maker are clogged

Another very common problem in Jura coffee makers, which is also related to cleaning, is the clogging of the nozzles. When the nozzles are clogged (including the milk nozzle), the sound of the pump is usually higher pitched, a clear symptom of a clogged nozzle.

To detect this possible obstruction, it is necessary to disassemble the machine’s nozzles and clean them very well under running water. Also, observe the connection points with the coffee maker if there are coffee residues.

The brew unit is clogged

One of the most common pressure-related problems with Jura coffee makers is a component external to the water pumping system. Whenever we do not see enough coffee coming out, we immediately think of clogged water pipes or a faulty pump.

However, after observing this problem in different models of Jura coffee makers, I can conclude that in most cases, the cause of the problem is located in the coffee grinder. Many users try to obtain more intense coffees by grinding very fine, but this fine grinding clogs the extraction unit.

  • Disassemble the extraction unit completely, as coffee residue will clog the ducts. When performing this cleaning task, pay attention to the O-rings inside the unit to ensure that none are damaged.
  • Reinsert the coffee brewing unit inside the machine by adding lubricant to all moving parts.
  • Place a cup under the coffee spout and modify the coffee grind a little coarser.
  • Select any beverage and start a test brew to see if the problem has been solved.

If you plan to disassemble the brewing unit, this video will come in handy to put all the parts back in place:

Lack of pressure due to water pump failure

Once we have ruled out problems related to cleaning and maintenance (obstructions due to dirt), we have to think about the internal components that can affect this lack of pressure. Although it is not the only one, the water pump is the main cause of the lack of pressure in most cases.

Normally with descaling, we can solve the most common problems that the pump suffers, i.e., the accumulation of lime that builds up inside. But there are situations where a descaling is not enough because the pump is broken and the only solution is replacing it.

Each model of coffee maker is different, but as a common procedure, we can establish the following:

  • Turn off and unplug the coffee maker.
  • Unscrew the necessary screws to be able to disassemble the outer casing.
  • Once the boma is in sight, disconnect the cables that feed it.
  • After the cables, disconnect the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Now you can remove it from the place where it is installed.
  • Replace it with a new one and perform the previous steps in reverse.

With the following video, all possible doubts will be solved. You will learn how to replace the water pump of your Jura coffee maker without any problems:

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