The pod of my Dolce Gusto coffee maker is stuck

A coffee pod stuck inside the Dolce Gusto coffee machine can cause more serious secondary problems. The injector will remain inside the pod, and the nozzle needle could break or bend when trying to remove the pod.

Suppose we forget to remove the coffee pod after preparing a beverage. In that case, it usually happens that the injector gets stuck inside the coffee grounds, and we cannot open the pod holder. This can happen if we let several hours pass after the last use of the machine and the wet coffee grounds dry with the injector inside.

It can also happen that the pod swells due to the pressure, considerably increasing its dimensions, which will not allow it to move. Whatever the situation, never force the pod or the compartment not to break or bend the injector.

Dolce Gusto 24 Coffee Pod Rotating Holder Rack
Dolce Gusto 24 Coffee Pod Rotating Holder Rack

Dried coffee grounds cause the coffee pod to stick to the pod holder

If you have already tried to remove the pod from the compartment by making slight movements, but it still does not come out, start the coffee maker as if you were going to prepare a coffee, place a container under the outlet nozzle and let the water flow through the injector and the pod. This will soften the dried coffee residue and allow the needle to move freely.

After this, gently try to lift the lever to open the compartment again. If this is still not possible, repeat the previous operation as many times as necessary, and you will see that it will finally is released. After this, you should not forget to remove the used pod after each preparation. Check the issue in this video:

The coffee pod is stuck because the lever is in the coffee brewing position

In a manual Dolce Gusto coffee maker, the activation lever may be slightly activated, preventing the coffee maker from opening the lid of the pod holder. To remove the pod holder, turn the lever to the central position, and you are ready to go. Check the issue in this video:

Dolce Gusto Reusable Refillable Pods 3 pcs
Dolce Gusto Reusable Refillable Pods 3 pcs

The pod is stuck because it has been bent inside the pod holder

This situation can occur especially when using compatible pods; when the bottom of the pod is bent, it will move and rotate out of place. This will cause the pod to force the nozzle and become tangled. The coffee machine will not allow the pod holder lid to be lifted when the pod gets stuck.

If you want to solve this problem, you should turn the coffee maker upside down after removing the water tank and the drip tray. Once the machine is in this position, push the pod down to rearrange it using a rigid but thin utensil. After this, it should be possible to open the pod holder lid.

Coffee capsule stuck in Dolce Gusto capsule holder
Coffee pod stuck in Dolce Gusto pod holder

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