The Delonghi La Specialista does not turn on

The Delonghi La Specialista coffee maker stands out for its excellent quality and prestige; however, like any other coffee maker, it can fail; so, if your machine does not turn on, here we show you what may be happening how to fix it.

My Delonghi La Specialista won’t turn on.

The problem: If when you try to start your coffee maker, you notice that the lights on the front panel do not turn on and it does not emit any sound, it is probably because there is no voltage reaching the machine, and this usually has a direct relationship with the on/off button of the coffee maker.

The first cause: On the back of the machine, you will find a switch; if it is broken or damaged, the coffee maker will not turn on.

The first solution: You should check with a multimeter if there is continuity of electrical current when you turn on the switch. To do this, you must first disconnect the machine from the current, and if there is no such continuity, you must replace the switch with a new one, or you could also try to repair the damaged one.

Check that the switch works
Check that the switch works.

The second cause: Probably the circuit that feeds the control board of the coffee maker has been interrupted at some point. As no voltage or current reaches the control board, the coffee maker does not turn on.

The second solution: If you checked with the multimeter that the circuit breaker is in good condition, you should continue to check the path of the wires leading to the control board. Locate the damaged component where the electrical circuit has no continuity and fix it.

The third cause is that some control board components are damaged if all of the above is OK. Sometimes a damaged capacitor can interrupt the current passage and prevent the coffee maker from turning on.

The third solution: If you have detected a damaged capacitor, replace it, and your Delonghi La Specialista will start working again. You can replace the entire control board to make things less complicated.


When a Delonghi La Specialista coffee maker does not turn on, the control board is not being powered. Usually, the problem is in the power switch; however, any other component that “opens the circuit” may have failed.

In extreme cases, the failed component is the control board, which must be repaired or replaced.

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  1. Hi,
    My Coffee icon keeps on flashing despite correct installation of the coffee bean reservoir.
    What could be the cause of this problem?

    Hope to hear a solution from you guy……thank you

  2. Hola, mi specialista ec9335 sólo enciende el botón del agua o té y no me permite hacer nada más que sacar agua… el termoblock no enciende y los termofusibles están bien… será la placa de cambiar? Gracias

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