The steamer of my Delonghi La Specialista does not work

The Delonghi La Specialista coffee maker is a complete and innovative machine, and it offers, among other things, an advanced system for milk preparations, being able to switch between heating or frothing with a simple movement.

It is common for this type of coffee maker to present some problems with the frother system, such as it suddenly stops working, or the steam comes out so hot that it does not allow frothing of the milk.

So, if you are experiencing any frothing issues with your Delonghi La Specialista, we have compiled useful information in this article so that you know how to solve it.

How does the frothing system of the Delonghi La Specialista work?

Being a high-end coffee maker, the La Specialista has two separate heating elements to heat the water that will go into the coffee group and the water that will be steamed for frothing or heating milk.

In the image below, we have disassembled a La Specialista so you can see how the two thermoblock units are together but independent.

Boilers and steam thermostat
Thermoblocks and steam thermostat

You can also see where the thermostat for the steam heating element is located, which will be the main cause of frother-related failures.

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Delonghi La Specialista steam system troubleshooting

The problem: When we try to use the steam wand, we see that instead of steam, what comes out of the nozzle is cold water or nothing at all.

The first cause: There is a part that is connected to a heating element, is the one that regulates the temperature of the steamer, preventing it from going above or below the right degree; it is the thermostat.

If the thermostat fails, the steam output will be altered; it is common for the thermostat to break down if the heating element to which it is connected is in bad condition.

The solution: With the Delonghi La Specialista turned off, you should check that there is continuity in the thermostat. If there is such continuity, there will be no problem, but if not, you should replace the thermostat and the steam thermoblock since the lack of continuity indicates that one or both parts are defective.

The second cause: The steam system is quite exposed to obstructions due to the accumulation of residues that will eventually prevent the steam from circulating free.

The solution: Perform a thorough steamer cleaning and decalcify the coffee maker to remove any obstruction.

If you do not know how to do this, here is the Delonghi La Specialista coffee maker user’s manual, where you will see the step-by-step instructions for cleaning and descaling.


It is essential to regularly maintain and clean the milk frother system to avoid obstructions that prevent steam from flowing free. This should be the first check you make to find the cause of the failure.

When the frother system of your Delonghi La Specialista coffee maker does not produce steam but only cold water or nothing at all, immediately check the heating element and the thermostat (responsible for regulating the temperature of the frother). If they are damaged, they should be replaced.