Three recipes for coffee with chocolate

In this new article on recipes with coffee, I bring a very special topic for all lovers, not only of coffee but also of sweets. I have been asking myself: is there a better combination than coffee and chocolate?

Two of the richest things in the world complement each other, forming a delight for all our senses. So, on this occasion, I will share three of my favorite chocolate recipes: the famous mochaccino, the peppermint mochaccino, and the Nutellatte.

I optimized these recipes to make them quickly but without compromising quality. As I always say, we need to start with good ingredients to get a good result!

We will use large cups of 12 ounces for all three. It is very important to preheat them with plenty of boiling water before using them since we will spend a long time incorporating the ingredients, and we don’t want to lose too much temperature.

The Mochaccino recipe

I’ll start with Mochaccino, a simple but delicious classic. Ideal for cloudy or rainy days when you need something sweet.

Preparation of Mochaccino

  1. We will put two teaspoons of tea heaped with cocoa powder in the cup. Which one should you use? It will depend on your taste, but looking for good-quality cocoa powder is important. I made a blend of 80% sweet and 20% bitter cocoa because I found the other options too sweet. But if you like it that way, you can use it directly.
  2. Now let’s add the coffee. For this cup of 12 ounces, we will use a doppio, but if you like it more intensely, you can add another espresso. I recommend a good-bodied coffee with a medium roast and sweet notes for these recipes. I used a coffee from Colombia that has notes of chocolate, caramel, and walnut, which combine perfectly. As always, the espresso must be well-calibrated. When we have a good espresso base, the drinks always go to another level, so we must give it all the importance it deserves, even when adding other ingredients.
  3. Then we mix well until the cocoa is integrated with the espresso, achieved very quickly because it is cocoa powder.
  4. We sprinkle a little cocoa on top of the espresso as a decoration, which will be useful for the latte art, as it will generate more contrast.
  5. We continue with the milk, we will texturize the milk of your preference, both cow’s milk and vegetable options. Of course, with whole milk, since it has more fat, it will be super creamy, ideal for these sweet drinks.
  6. Then we pour the milk with latte art, which makes this coffee look even more attractive.
Preparation of Mochaccino
Preparation of Mochaccino

The Peppermint Mochaccino Recipe

We continue with the Peppermint mochaccino, a delight. You will love this drink for fans of the combination of mint and chocolate. As its name suggests, it is a mochaccino, so we will follow the same steps of the previous recipe, with some small modifications.

Preparation of the Peppermint Mochaccino

  1. We will add edible mint essence to the cocoa powder, only two drops for this quantity, since it is very invasive. We will integrate it with the cocoa, and we will not see it so much, but by this time, we will feel an incredible mint and chocolate aroma.
  2. We add the doppio (double espresso), mix again, and sprinkle cocoa on top.
  3. As the last step, we are going to texturize the milk and go one step further with the decoration; if you saw the latte art article I did previously, we are going to use the same technique of the rainbow latte, and we are going to add some lines of green liquid edible coloring to the milk.  We subtly give a few turns and make the latte art figure we like the most.
Preparation of Peppermint Mochaccino
Preparation of Peppermint Mochaccino

The Nutellatte recipe

Finally, I bring you the Nutellatte, an explosive bomb of flavors for the sweet tooth and Nutella fanatics. When you’re craving something sweet, this doesn’t fail anywhere. Coffee, milk, chocolate, and hazelnuts an exquisite combination.

Preparation of the Nutellatte

  1. Let’s start by placing in our cup well preheated two heaping teaspoons of Nutella.
  2. Now we will add half a shot, that is to say, 0.5 ounces of hazelnut syrup; this can be obtained in online stores or where they sell cocktail supplies. We add a little bit to lift and highlight the hazelnut flavor.
  3. Then we take it to the machine and add a delicious doppio (double espresso). We mix a little bit until the espresso and Nutella are incorporated, although it is not necessary to completely dissolve; now you will see why.
  4. Again we texturize the milk and make the figure that we like the most to decorate this coffee that tastes even richer than it looks; it is delicious. Ideal to treat yourself once in a while.
  5. The best part is that when we finish it, and just when we think it can’t get any better, we have a little bit of undissolved Nutella left, which is ideal for spooning every last drop.
Preparation of the Nutellatte
Preparation of the Nutellatte

These recipes can also be made at home with any coffee maker you may have. You simply have to use a lower ratio, less water for the amount of coffee you use for one cup, so it is very intense. And as for the milk, I have an article where you can learn how to texturize it with a French press to make latte art.