Troubleshooting guide for Tassimo coffee makers

Tassimo coffee makers are compact, quiet, and robust coffee pod machines. But in addition to these qualities, Tassimo offers one of the most delicious varieties of espresso coffee drinks, coffee drinks with milk and chocolates. Undoubtedly, Tassimo is a perfect coffee maker for any home, although sometimes some problems may arise.

Tassimo has managed to create very elegant and simple coffee machines inside and out. This simplicity allows us to solve by ourselves any problem that may appear. This guide will show the most common faults in your Tassimo and how to fix them easily.

Useful information on Tassimo coffee makers breakdowns

Remember that if you purchased a coffee maker less than 30 days ago and keep the purchase receipt, you can contact the seller to get your money back or replace the defective unit with a new one.

If more than 30 days have passed since you bought your Tassimo but less than 2 years (duration of the warranty offered by Tassimo), you can still get help from Tassimo’s technical service for free. Here is where to contact them:

Tassimo coffee maker is not working at all

One of the faults I most enjoy fixing in Tassimo coffee machines is when the machine doesn’t work. I’m referring to when you plug the machine into the mains and neither the lights come on nor do you hear any sound. No matter how often you open and close the head or press the power button, your Tassimo does not respond.

This is one of the most serious faults but, simultaneously, one of the easiest to fix once you locate the problem. In this situation, the control board of the Tassimo is not being fed, or if it is, it does not work properly, so it does not send commands such as turning on the lights or starting the boiler or pump.

➡️ As I need to explain how to solve this problem, I have prepared a specific article detailing what to do to bring your Tassimo back to life: Why won’t my Tassimo coffee maker turn on?

Temperature issues in Tassimo coffee makers

Of all the problems that a Tassimo coffee maker can suffer from, those that affect the final temperature of the coffee are one of the most undesirable since there is nothing worse than cold coffee.

The problems that affect the temperature of the coffee can be divided into two groups:

1- Problems that cause the coffee maker to make lukewarm coffee.
2- Problems that cause the coffee maker to make totally cold coffee.

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Tassimo coffee is not hot enough

Although it may not seem so, a drop in the temperature of the coffee prepared by your Tassimo coffee maker is more related to a lack of maintenance than to a breakdown. Coffee pod machines, although it may not seem so, are more delicate than most users think.

Limescale and sediment in the water circulating inside the Tassimo, together with the accumulation of coffee residue in the nozzle, can cause cold extractions in your coffee maker. The first symptom of clogging will always be a slight drop in the coffee temperature and a decrease in the pressure with which the water passes through the pod.

Fortunately, to solve this problem, you must thoroughly descale and clean the nozzle. With this small maintenance combined with a few useful tips, you can enjoy coffees as hot as if your coffee maker were brand new.

Tip: Use the service disk in the cup you will use before brewing your coffee. This way, you will heat the circuit and the cup before brewing your coffee.

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Tassimo coffee is too cold

The correct temperature of the coffee in a Tassimo capsule coffee machine is reached thanks to the thermoblock; this element heats up enough so that the water circulating through it reaches 187ºF and can extract the coffee from the inside the pod correctly.

How can a thermoblock breakdown? The internal resistance of this device may have broken or deteriorated so that it can no longer heat the water circulating through it. However, it is most likely that the component that has broken down is not the thermoblock but the thermostat, which controls the thermoblock.

The thermostat is connected in series with the internal resistance of the thermoblock, with “closed” as the normal position. In other words, as soon as the coffee maker is turned on, the thermostat will allow the thermoblock heating element to heat up enough to prepare perfect coffee. Once 187ºF is reached, the thermostat “opens” the circuit, and the thermoblock can no longer heat up.

Sometimes the thermostat breaks down and stays in the open position continuously so that the thermoblock cannot heat the water. In either situation, the solution to the problem is to replace both components with new ones. In the case of Tassimo, both come as a single device.

Is it possible to adjust the temperature of the coffee in a Tassimo?

Tassimo coffee makers use an intelligent pod system called “intellibrew”, by which the machine automatically adjusts the amount of water for each capsule.

For this reason, most Tassimo coffee makers have only one button to prepare the coffee. In this type of coffee maker, it is impossible to adjust any value related to the preparation of the coffee.

However, in the case of the MyWay and MyWay2, we have a standard temperature displayed with a yellow luminous thermometer, a higher temperature with a reddish luminous thermometer, and a lower temperature with a whitish luminous thermometer. Press the thermometer button until the desired temperature is selected:

Tassimo MyWay coffee maker temperature selector
Tassimo MyWay coffee maker temperature selector

Problems with water leaks in the Tassimo coffee maker

Honestly, Tassimo coffee makers don’t usually suffer much from dripping problems, but sometimes it can happen. We could see water coming out of the machine’s base or overflowing from the pod holder.

➡️ Here, we have created a complete article that deals with water leaks from Tassimo coffee makers.

The simplest case is related to the pod holder, as there is probably a problem with the used pods or an excess of dirt in the nozzle. Check these two possibilities.

If the coffee maker leaks water from the base, there is a problem with an internal component, which could be the pump, a pipe, the flowmeter, the thermoblock, etc. In any case, the article I mentioned above covers all these cases.

Meaning of the lights on the Tassimo coffee machine

I have already explained many times that the lights on a kettle communicate to the user the status of the kettle at any given moment. The problem arises in coffee makers as simple as the Tassimo, with only one button for everything.

It is not easy to know what is happening to the Tassimo when its lights do not stop blinking for no apparent reason, so I have prepared this useful article: Explanation on the meaning of the lights of the Tassimo coffee maker.

Problem with the barcode reader of the Tassimo coffee machine

Speaking of lights, there is an alarm that the Tassimo coffee maker sends us in the form of a bright red light, which means nothing more than that the coffee maker does not recognize the coffee pod. The Fidelia and Amia models are an exception since the light that illuminates is green, and corresponds to the manual coffee preparation button.

Coffee pod reading error light
Coffee pod reading error light

Normally this can happen for 3 reasons, among which two stand out: On the one hand, the barcode reader is dirty, and on the other hand, the barcode on the pod is unreadable (due to dirt or any other reason). The third reason is that the reader connector is damaged or loose.

Barcode reader and flexible cable at the back of the machine
Barcode reader and flexible cable at the back of the machine