Water leakage in Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker

Not only in the Delonghi Magnifica, but in coffee makers in general, problems can occur due to water leaks; these problems are not so common, but with the passage of time and the many uses of your coffee maker, they can appear. Here we leave you all the information about the causes and possible solutions to this problem.

The problem: The bottom of your Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker drips every time you try to prepare a coffee, you stop the coffee maker and the dripping stops, but if you start it again, the water continues to leak from underneath the machine.

The cause: The Delonghi Magnifica, like other automatic coffee makers, has many valves, pipes, and connection parts inside. Some parts are more susceptible to breakage, cracks, or leaks; among these are the connections of the pipes with the pump and the heating element. Water will come out everywhere if one of these connectors or valves breaks.

The solution: Turn off and unplug the coffee maker before disassembling it. Once opened, check the entire water line to identify where the leak is coming from. Once you know where the water is leaking, check if gaskets, hoses, connectors, or other parts are in bad condition or broken, and replace them if necessary.

If you do not see any damage to these parts, ensure they are tightly sealed and in place. Finally, reassemble the coffee maker. In the image below, you can see what a broken connector looks like:

Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken
The raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken

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