Water leakage in Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker

Automatic coffee makers, such as the Delonghi Magnifica, make enjoying a delicious espresso at home convenient and simple. However, you may sometimes encounter an unpleasant inconvenience: water leaks.

In this article, I will guide you through the reasons why this can happen in your Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker and provide tips to identify and resolve these issues.

Why do Delonghi Magnifica coffee makers leak water?

These types of coffee makers are actually complex and precise machines that perform many synchronized operations, from grinding coffee to compacting it and extracting it accurately thousands of times a year.

Vibrations, humidity, temperature, and dirt contribute to water leaks. And while these water losses are inevitable, they can be limited with proper use of the coffee maker and regular maintenance.

Problem 1: Water escaping from the Delonghi Magnifica base towards the coffee maker’s rear is observed. This dripping occurs when making coffee and stops once the process is finished.

Cause 1: One of the most common causes of water leaks in the Delonghi Magnifica is that a pipe or outlet valve of one of its main components, such as the pump, thermoblock, or infusion cylinder, has broken.

Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken
The Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken

Despite being made of high-resistance plastic, the heat and moisture from the coffee maker can weaken these parts over time, leading them to the point of breaking.

Solution 1: To address this problem, first locate the broken, cracked, or fractured piece. Then, acquire an appropriate replacement part for your model of Delonghi Magnifica and proceed to replace it.

Delonghi Magnifica thermoblock connector
Delonghi Magnifica thermoblock connector

Installing the new piece is intuitive and easy; just be careful not to lose any O-rings inside the connections.

Cause 2: In some fortunate cases, water leaks may be due to one of the aforementioned pieces having shifted from its place or become loose over time. This is especially relevant in the water outlet from the pump.

Water leaks at the pump outlet
Water leaks at the pump outlet

Solution 2: First, disconnect and unplug your coffee maker to address this issue. Then, carefully inspect the parts to ensure they are properly positioned. Suppose you find any parts that have shifted or become loose; clean them to remove any water and dirt buildup and reposition them.

Cause 3: Another less obvious cause of water leaks in your Delonghi Magnifica is blockages of dirt in the hydraulic system. When blockages occur in the pipes, water pressure increases and can cause leaks in unexpected places, even if no loose or damaged components exist.

Solution 3: If you suspect that dirt blockages cause water leaks, we recommend a descaling process for your coffee maker. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to disassemble all the pipes and manually clean them to remove accumulated residues.

Cause 4: Another problem you may encounter is dripping during infusion. This is often caused by the deterioration or breakage of O-rings located in the internal connections of the pipes, the infusion cylinder, and the brewing group. These O-rings are essential for maintaining a tight seal during coffee brewing.

Solution 4: To solve this issue, you should disassemble the infusion cylinder and the brewing group and replace the faulty O-rings. Make sure to acquire replacement O-rings that are compatible with your model of Delonghi Magnifica.

DeLonghi Brewing Group O-Ring
DeLonghi Brewing Group O-Ring

➡️ Once the components are completely clean, apply food-grade grease to the O-rings with your finger.

Silicone grease food safe lubricant
Silicone grease food-safe lubricant


Bean-to-cup coffee makers like the Delonghi Magnifica make enjoying a delicious espresso at home convenient and straightforward. However, it’s essential to be prepared to address possible water leakage issues that may arise due to the complexity of these machines.

With regular maintenance and careful attention to detail, you can ensure that your home coffee brewing experience is delightful without interruptions.

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