What does it mean to dream of coffee?

The interpretation of dreams is almost as old as the history of mankind. We have always wanted to understand why we dream what we dream and its meaning (in some cultures, dreaming could be prophetic or related to the afterlife). This was well understood by Sigmund Freud, who, in the 19th century, revolutionized the importance of dreams, their meaning, and their need for interpretation.

Nowadays, many consider the interpretation of dreams as one of those curiosities they comment on from time to time. Always amusingly, although with interest. Because when dreaming, our subconscious is put to work, and who knows what may appear.

Today, we want to talk about the different meanings of dreaming about coffee. If you love coffee, you will surely find many curiosities that catch your attention.

Dreaming of coffee has a different meaning depending on whether you are a man or a woman

Dreaming coffee has many meanings, depending on the rest of the dream and other factors. For example, for a woman to dream of coffee means that she has found the person who complements her and is comfortable in that relationship, while for a man, it is because he believes he has lost charm and fears old age.

Dreaming of coffee and your work and economic situation

Another meaning of dreaming about coffee relates to your work and economic situation. If you are drinking it and it gives you a feeling of well-being, it means that you are going through a good economic situation or that it will soon arrive. On the contrary, if you buy it, it presages economic (or personal) problems, although it will not take long to remedy them.

Dreaming of coffee beans is also not very positive, interpreted as instability in business or at work. However, many coffee beans in a pot signify abundance, prosperity, and savings.

If, in your dream, someone is brewing coffee at work, it could mean that you will be offered a trip, followed by a promotion. Still, if you dream that the coffee is no good, it may be synonymous that you have missed opportunities and difficult times are approaching.

Dreaming of coffee and your social life

Also, our social life can be reflected when dreaming of coffee. If in your dream you are drinking it alone, without company, it is because there is a lack of communication with your friends or your family. In contrast, if you drink it accompanied, it signals emotions, exaltations, and friendship.

And if in your dream you see yourself stained with coffee, it foretells family conflicts, breakups, and distancing.

Relationship between dreaming of coffee and fears and desires

Another area where dreaming of coffee can have meaning is our worries, desires, and fears. For example, a poisoned coffee reflects that you are going through a stage of fear and insecurities.

Sometimes, dreaming of coffee can mean you do not have enough freedom to make your own decisions or because you have a negative perception about something that worries you.


As we can see, there are many meanings for dreaming about coffee. One of the curiosities about this is that if you have found the strength to solve a problem or are more motivated, you are more likely to dream of coffee. It also means the cult to the pleasures of life.

Both curiosities are closely related to the energy contribution coffee gives you and the delight of having this drink so desired by so many people.