Descaling and cleaning a Cuisinart coffee maker

Descaling and cleaning a Cuisnart coffee maker

Like any other machine, Cuisinart coffee makers must be in optimal conditions to function properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning and periodic descaling will not only prevent many problems for the coffee maker but will also extend its useful life. To make things easier, I have prepared this article, where you will find step-by-step instructions on …

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Why does a coffee maker smell bad?

Coffee stopper in the injector of a Tassimo

The coffee maker is one of the most used appliances in the house. Therefore, it is one appliance that requires the most cleaning and maintenance. Since coffee makers are used several times a day, they should be cleaned regularly, combining a superficial cleaning after each coffee preparation and deep cleaning once a week. If a …

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How to clean a Moka pot

Cleaning the Moka pot

Moka pots are among our homes’ most popular and commonly used coffee makers. And analyzing this type of coffee maker in-depth, I have realized that many doubts and false beliefs circle around their cleaning. Cleaning any coffee maker is fundamental, not only for its good functioning but also for obtaining good coffee preparations. And this …

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How to clean a blackened or burnt moka pot

How to clean a burnt moka pot

It usually happens when you have a gas stove; if you use very high heat, your Moka pot tends to blacken, scorch and discolor on the bottom. The Moka still brews coffee perfectly, but the contrast between the shine of the aluminum (or stainless steel) and the black is very unsightly. The problem with the …

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The importance of cleaning your espresso coffee machine

Daily Cleaning of the Espresso Maker

This article will discuss a topic that is not the most popular or the most interesting. Still, it is too important, and I believe that if we gave it the value it deserves, we could raise the quality level of our preparations. As you can see in the title, I am talking about cleaning the …

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Cleaning and descaling of Jura coffee machines

P button to access the cleaning menu

Most of the problems that coffee makers suffer from nowadays are related to the lack of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative to perform regular cleaning (and descaling) whenever our Jura coffee maker requests it or when we notice that the coffee is not prepared as it should be. Fortunately, cleaning and descaling a …

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