How to prepare coffee with a siphon coffee maker

The water begins to boil and rise

In this article, I will show you how to prepare an incredible coffee using a siphon coffee maker. Maybe some of you have already seen a coffee maker of this style and are considering buying one. Maybe others already have one but want to improve their technique, so here I will tell you how to …

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How to prepare coffee with an electric drip coffee maker

How to prepare coffee with a drip coffee maker

You have probably had coffee often from one of these coffee makers, either at home or at a friend’s or relative’s house. And I am 100% sure that your memory of that coffee’s quality is not very good. Generally, electric drip coffee makers do not produce very good coffee. However, all coffee can be improved …

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How to prepare coffee with a cloth filter

how to prepare coffee with a cloth filter

The cloth filter is the oldest coffee filtering method in the world; it emerged at the end of the 17th century and was, for a long time, the only way to prepare coffee. Depending on how old you are, you probably had (or have) one of these at home. Depending on the country from where …

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How to prepare cold brew coffee

How to prepare cold brew coffee

For those who do not know, cold brew consists of a cold infusion where the coffee is extracted with cold water or at room temperature. This type of beverage is very popular both in coffee shops and to prepare at home since it is super easy to make and is a very good option for …

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How to prepare coffee with a Moka pot

The fluid flow of coffee during the extraction process

The engineer Mario Bialetti created the first Moka pot in 1933. For this simple design, Bialetti was inspired by the functioning of the first washing machines, giving rise to an icon of Italian culture. The Moka pot is one of the world’s best-known and most widely used coffee-making methods. However, not all people use it …

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How to prepare coffee with the Aeropress coffee maker

Press for 30 seconds until all the coffee is extracted from the Aeropress

The Aeropress coffee maker is ideal for those who prefer their coffee with a pronounced body, clarity, and differentiation in its flavor. This work of ingenuity, created by American Alan Adler in 2005, is small, light, easy to transport, and difficult to break. This small manual coffee maker is ideal for taking to the office …

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How to prepare coffee with the Hario V60 Coffee Maker

Place 30 grams of coffee and add 60 grams of water for 45 seconds

Preparing coffee with this coffee maker that has become a work of art requires a certain technique. But to prepare coffee with the Hario V60, it is necessary first to understand the history of the iconic coffee maker and the reason for its design. Hario has been a manufacturer of heat-resistant ecological glass since 1921, …

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How to brew coffee with a Chemex coffee maker

Freshly brewed coffee with the Chemex coffee brewer

If you have recently acquired a Chemex, you should know that on the one hand, you have a beautiful coffee maker that will look perfect in any part of your home, and on the other hand, it will prepare delicious filtered coffees that are hard to match. However, mastering the technique of preparing coffee with …

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Traditional vs. modern cappuccino

Traditional Cappuccino

Nowadays, if you ask for a cappuccino in different coffee shops, you can find many different drinks with the same name. We can find glass jugs with three layers, giant bowls with cream, cinnamon, and chocolate, or some with lots of foam sticking out of the cup. We can also find smaller cups with more …

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Americano vs Long Black. The differences

Americano vs Long Black

This article will interest you if you want information about the Americano and Long Black. We will see what these beverages are, how they are prepared, if they are the same or if there is any difference between them. In addition, we will compare them with filtered coffee to better understand their characteristics. Brief History …

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