Why does my coffee taste watery?

Common Sizes of Espresso Baskets

How many times have you had a coffee that tasted watery, without body or flavor? I am not referring to over-extracted, purely bitter coffees but to those that taste more like water with a coffee flavor than anything else. Many times this happens at home when we prepare it ourselves, but other times it can …

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Acidity in coffee

The acidity of coffee

In a previous article, I talked about bitterness in coffee, so now I will talk about acidity, which is a little more complex than bitterness. After that article, we concluded that bitterness is a negative characteristic of coffee and that if it is present, it is because something along the entire coffee chain (from the …

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Espresso: Dosage, ratio, grind and temperature


This is the first of several articles I would like to write exclusively about espresso. To know and understand espresso, you must first acquire theoretical knowledge. As this may be a bit extensive, today, I will only deal with the concepts of dosage, ratio, grind, and temperature. What is an espresso? Espresso is a coffee-making …

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